780 Thousand Dollars Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT Scrapped Traffic Accident (Video)


Ben Chen, co-founder of the developer company of Super Rush Rally, had a traffic accident with his $ 780,000 super vehicle. The accident on the streets of New York became even more agenda when Chen tried to escape from the scene.

In the USA, some people continue to stroll on the streets, not paying attention to officials’ advice. One of these names was Ben Chen, co-founder of the developer company of the game Super Rush Rally. Chen got involved in a serious traffic accident while driving the streets of New York with his supercar.

The vehicle, which we share below, which has been scrapped due to an accident, is a Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT. The vehicle, which has a 5.2-liter V10 engine, offers its owner more than 650 horsepower. The vehicle, which is an advanced and different version of Porsche’s Carrera GT, has a price tag starting from $ 780 thousand.

According to the allegations, Ben Chen is not even trying to get out of his car after this traffic accident, and he is on his way with his car, which has been scrapped for a while. However, this escape does not take too long as predictably.

The reason for this traffic accident that caused a $ 780 thousand supercar to be scrapped is currently unknown. However, both Carrera GT and Gemballa Mirage GT have a bad reputation for driving difficulty. So much so that the Porsche Carrera GT also played a leading role in traffic accidents in which millions of fans, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, died.

The images reflected on the security cameras of the accident moment and the records made by the people in the region are sufficient to reveal the magnitude of the accident. The US local press wrote that after this accident, Chen was taken into custody, first taken to the hospital for checkup and some tests, and then his statement about the accident was taken.

Video from the moment of the accident when the $ 780 thousand super vehicle was scrapped


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