775% Increase in the Use of Microsoft Azure from Coronavirus


The coronavirus epidemic, which is effective all over the world, caused many people not to leave the house. The use of various applications and internet services has increased. Microsoft announced that the demand for the cloud platform Azure service has increased by 775 percent.

This weekend, Microsoft made a statement on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its services. The company reported that there was a huge increase in the use of Microsoft Teams, its platform of work chat, meetings, notes and add-ons, and it was preferred by more than 44 million users daily. Microsoft added that there is a tremendous increase in the use of cloud services by 775 percent. Despite the increase in demand, it was emphasized that no significant service interruptions were experienced.

Microsoft said there was also a threefold increase in the use of Windows Virtual Desktop, and that is because people are now forced to work from home. The company also noted that the use of the public analysis service Power BI, which governments use to share COVID-19 panels with citizens, has increased by 42 percent in a week.

The company issued a statement
The company, which published a statement on the Microsoft Azure blog page, wrote: “Since last week’s update, the global health epidemic has been affecting every major or small organization, its employees, and the customers they serve. Everyone is working tirelessly to support all our customers, especially critical health and safety organizations around the world, with the cloud services needed to continue their operations at an unprecedented time. Likewise, we try to stay connected and serve to support hundreds of millions of people who trust Microsoft. ”

“Our top priority is to continue to support critical health and safety organizations and ensure that remote teams continue to work with their core functions,” Microsoft said, increasing the monitoring of services for certain key users. This prioritization is said to mean that a few temporary restrictions must be introduced to ensure the best possible experience. This restriction includes limiting free offers, narrowing down some resources for new subscribers, and pausing some features of teams.


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