77 years old pampering LGBT teens rejected for Christmas

If Christmas is a holiday that many spend with the family, not everyone is so lucky. In the United States, Linda Warren, nicknamed Queer Santa, has decided to get involved with isolated young people who have been rejected by their families because of their sexuality or their gender: each year, she organizes a distribution of gifts for their assist. A great initiative!

Christmas is the perfect time to do a good deed! You can for example decide to donate your gifts instead of reselling them or to help associations on this particular day. In any case, this is what a grandmother has been doing for 22 years now and her initiative is increasingly successful.

Linda Warren, the generous “Queer Santa”

At 77 years old and despite Covid-19, Linda Warren still spent the end of the year holidays playing Mrs. Claus. This Colorado resident has been involved for 22 years in a great initiative that has earned her the name “Queer Santa”. Each year, it organizes a fundraising campaign to help young LGBT + adults and adolescents rejected by their loved ones. In 2019, for example, she collected $ 35,000 which she then used to buy gifts. Packaged by volunteers, they are then redistributed to young people in difficulty who can register to receive a gift. This year, 61 young people benefited from this operation, a record.

An action that was born from his own experience. Linda Warren is a lesbian and her sexuality has not been accepted by those close to her. “When my family found out when I was an adult, they disinherited me. It’s very important for me to make sure that all the children are taken care of and that we do whatever we can. “she told Colorado Matters. Congratulations to her for this idea!

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