77 5G stations burned in the UK due to coronavirus conspiracy theories


Uneasy tables continue to emerge due to the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus infects with 5G. Mobile operators in Britain announced that 77 5G stations have been burned to date due to the conspiracy theory.

After the coronavirus spread all over the world, it was rumored that the coronavirus spread with 5G. Although it is explained by experts that the conspiracy theory about 5G is not correct, in some countries, there are attacks on 5G stations.

With the spread of the conspiracy theory in Britain, where thousands of deaths due to coronavirus occurred, attacks on 5G stations reached an uneasy dimension. A statement was made in mid-April from Mobile UK, a consortium of four mobile operators in the UK, to attack 50 5G stations in the country.

Coronavirus-5G theories continue to spread despite everything
Attacks on 5G stations and mobile operators continue in the UK, although experts’ stubborn warnings and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube do not allow sharing of 5G conspiracy theory.

The new statement made by Mobile UK stated that the number of 5G stations attacked in the country increased to 77. In a statement made by Mobile UK, it was stated that the speed of the attacks decreased but still continues.

Mobile operator employees are attacked with 5G stations
Along with the attack on 5G stations, mobile operator employees are faced with the attack of people who believe in the conspiracy theory. Philip Jansen, CEO of IT, one of the mobile operators operating in the UK, announced that as of April 21, 40 employees were attacked. Jansen brought up an incident in which an IT engineer was stabbed to the hospital to explain the extent of the incident.

It is worth recalling again and again: SARS-CoV-2, the new type of coronavirus, is not transmitted to humans with technologies such as 5G. As scientists’ work shows, the virus is transmitted from person to person through touch of air and things. Therefore, it is important not to listen to rumors that the coronavirus is transmitted by 5G.


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