The 755-horsepower McLaren got the price of 765 LT!


McLaren 765LT price was finally announced. British supercar maker McLaren introduced its “Longtail” model based on 720S with a V8 unit capable of producing 755 horsepower. Here is McLaren 765LT price and features.

The McLaren 765LT price is $ 60,000 more expensive than the base model!
The amount to be paid to own a McLaren 720S is $ 299,000, while the amount to be paid for 765LT starts at $ 358,000. There are many new features added to the vehicle depending on the price difference.

Features such as carbon fiber front fenders, full titanium exhaust with four outlets, 10-spoke forged alloy wheels come as standard. In addition, the alcantara interior upholstery, carbon fiber racing seats with power adjustment and memory come as standard. The McLaren 4-speaker sound system or the Bowes & Wilkins 12-speaker sound system, which is not added for the lightness of the vehicle, can also be integrated into the vehicle at the user’s preference, at no additional cost.

McLaren 765LT, which is 176 kg lighter as a result of removing some comfort details on the McLaren 720S and producing the body as carbon fiber, has a twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 4.0-liter, 755 horsepower 800 Nm torque. The Longtail model, which has 15 percent faster gear changes compared to 720S, has 0-100km acceleration of 2.7 seconds and maximum speed of 330 km / h. In the meantime, let’s not go without giving the following details about the price. Instead of buying the McLaren 765LT, a 720S ($ 299,000) and a Porsche 718 Boxter ($ 60,000) can be bought.


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