70% of cars sold in Norway are already electric


Norway’s transport policy for adopting electric cars remains accelerated. In August, according to the CleanTechnica website, 70.2% of the cars sold in the European country adopt electric or hybrid propulsion.

Of the total amount, 52.8% are fully electric vehicles that operate on batteries. 17.4% correspond to plug-in hybrid electric models, which include an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. In February 2020, the percentage of car sales in the country was just over 40%, which reinforces the positive results so far in the second half.

The expectation is that the numbers in September will be even more expressive for the sector. Among the most commercialized cars in the all-electric sector, the leader is the Audi e-Tron, followed by the Mercedes EQC 400 and Volkswagen e-Golf. Among smaller brands, the highlight goes to Polestar 2.


Norway has pledged to ban gasoline cars by 2025 and has followed this measure with economic policies that involve government benefits for people willing to buy an electric car – which has turned the country into a test point for automakers.


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