7-Year-Old Pokémon Champion Attracts Great Interest on Social Media


A child was brought to the agenda with more remarkable features on the Internet. The 7-year-old girl, who lined up great opponents in the Pokemon championship she attended, amazed everyone with her cute moves.

After struggling to raise awareness about climate change, and after Atakan Kayalar, who surprised everyone with her advanced intellectuality according to her age, another child was on the agenda of social media. What makes this cute boy famous is Pokemon, a game he admired as a kid.

Simone Lim came first in the International Pokemon Championship for children in Oceania. The little girl who participated in the contest for the first time attracted the attention of social media users with her cute and sincere behavior.

He became the champion by defeating his experienced opponent:
Simone, who fought against his rival Justin Miranda-Radbord, who was older and more experienced in the competition, was not expected to win the championship. Justin Miranda-Radbord was a tough opponent for those in the competition with the regional championships he won in a row.

The cute 7-year-old champion surprised the audience by winning the first game. Simone, who lost the second game and threw the viewers into excitement, defeated his tough opponent in the last game and became the 2020 Oceania Champion.

Here are the moments when Simone won the title and some reactions from social media:

‘This girl defeated a child twice as older as her and became the child Pokemon champion of Oceania. Eevee thanked her family and friends while holding her toy in her arms. Forget those who say that to be a good opponent, it is necessary to go overrun. Virtuous esports events nourish the soul. ‘

‘7-year-old Simone Lim was the winner of a big kids’ special Pokemon championship this morning, beating her bigger and more experienced rivals. The girl, who achieved the title of champion with a tremendous performance, disappointed her favorite champion of the tournament in the final. ‘


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