7 useful tips for Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories continues to increase the number of users by constantly updating. Based on the latest updates, we have compiled some tricks to use Instagram Stories more effectively.

Instagram, which started its journey in 2010, bought by Facebook in 2012 and gained its current status in 2016, is now the largest social media platform today. No matter how it got the Instagram Stories feature from Snapchat, thanks to the updates made, it has managed to increase the number of users every time.

Instagram Stories are known for many options such as questionnaires, question and answer gifs. However, besides these features, there are some little tactics little known how to do it. Today, we’ve put together tips to reach more people for Instagram Stories.

Tricks for Instagram Stories:

Don’t give the texts a rainbow effect,
Hiding hashtags you don’t want to appear
Sharing GIFs outside of Giphy,
Shading posts,
Reaching rich colors with color palette,
Access more funds,
Making background in different colors,

Give a rainbow effect to the posts:
Write a post,
Hold it down on the post,
Press and hold the color palette,
Push the marker on the right of the post to the left,
Navigate between colors in the color palette at the same time,When using the Instagram Stories feature, you can make your posts more interesting if you want the image you share to be more interesting or if you want it to look more beautiful. If you take the steps we have just mentioned in order, you can decorate the sunset photo you have taken with an article in orange and yellow tones.

Hiding hashtags you don’t want to appear:
Write a hashtag,
Move it to the simplest part in the photo,
Reduce the size of hashtags,
Scroll to Add GIF
Choose a GIF that can close your hashtags,
Add the GIF over your tags,
If there is no tone change in the background, change the label color to the tone you will capture from the background without needing a GIF. If you do this, your public Instagram profile will appear in more people’s Explore section thanks to the hashtags you added.

Adding a GIF to your Stories other than Giphy:
Install Google Gboard, the GIF search engine integrated, on your phone,
Choose Gboard as the default keyboard,
Come to Instagram Stories section,
Click on an empty place to open the keyboard,
Tap the G icon at the top of the keyboard,
Type the keywords whose GIF you want to find instead of searching,
Click on the GIF you find and add it to your Story.
Normally, Instagram Stories give you the opportunity to use popular GIFs that are only available on the Giphy platform. However, the Google Gboard keyboard offers you the possibility to use other GIFs available on the internet. A similar possibility is available on the iOS keyboard for iPhone users.

Shading posts:
Copy the text you write in the stories,
Tap a blank place and share a new post before sharing,
Paste the text you copied by tapping and holding the text section,
Resize it and place it over your previous text.
You can create visually richer dimensions by changing the colors in the articles. By exaggerating a little more, you can write the same text 5-6 times in a row in different colors, and enrich your stories according to the quality of the visual.

Reaching more color options:
Touch the drawing symbol or anywhere on the screen,
Touch and hold one of the color balloons above the keyboard,
Reach any color shades you want with the palette.
Instagram offers users with certain shades of colors by default, but if you press these colors, you will see a much more detailed palette. In this way, you can choose lighter or darker tones to create a much better image.

Writing with different fonts:
Download and install the Over app,
Choose the photo you want to share from the gallery,
After editing the photo, come to the text section,
Choose the font you want,
Save the photo and share it on Instagram,
There are some free and paid fonts in the Over application. In this way, if you want to write on a photo and the fonts of Instagram are not suitable for you, you can try this application. Over also allows you to play many articles on the text.

Adding watermarks with colors to photos:
Touch the drawing icon,
Select the second item from above,
Choose the color you want,
Hold the screen,
If you want to draw a gray curtain on a photo or create a background in any color, just follow the steps above.

Sharing multiple answers to the same question in one story:
Click on a given answer and click on the “Share the Answer” button,
Save the image,
Share another answer on the photo you just saved,
Repeat the steps to share as many answers as you want in the same story.