7 tips for novice assistants in the morgue


The Mortuary Assistant is a horror with a unique story. Simply put, the player is an apprentice at the River Fields Morgue and learns how to embalm corpses. However, the trick is that some of these corpses are possessed, and the player must stay alive and sane.

Due to the nature of some horror games, particularly this one, there are some things that players need to know before they start playing The Mortuary Assistant. Knowing these things will make the gameplay smoother, and the learning process will become much easier.

7. Explore body parts

One of the most important parts of The Mortuary Assistant is trying to examine the bodies inside the morgue to find out what’s going on. Players will soon realize that the best way to do this is to explore all kinds of body parts.

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There are all sorts of areas in The Mortuary Assistant that the player can check out. Usually the player should start by checking the arms and legs before moving on to the shoulders and finally to the head. The player can even rotate the limbs to get a better look at them.

6 Look for markings on the parts

When examining a body in the morgue, players should look for any markings that could warn the player about what exactly he is dealing with. There are several types of marks that the player can identify on the body, such as rashes, bruises, abrasions or other types of spots.

These markings in certain positions can tell the player what he has to deal with. For example, a rash on the arm may mean something different than a spot on the leg.

5 Be careful with the embalming fluid

One of the main parts of the gameplay in The Mortuary Assistant is the embalming process. The player will have to mix the embalming fluid in the pump so that it can be used on the body.

However, players will have to be careful with their embalming fluid. This is due to the fact that it needs to be mixed together, and different mixtures will need to be made throughout the process. At the first launch, it may be difficult for the player to remember which components are needed; this is especially true if they have other pressing matters at the moment.

4 Use the night shift database

Fortunately, the player doesn’t have to memorize every piece of demon information he collects. In fact, there’s even a place here where the player can learn more about new demons they haven’t encountered yet. This is the night shift database.

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In the Night Shift database, players can learn all about different demons, as well as refresh their knowledge about previous encounters. This knowledge can be important for determining which bodies are possessed.

3. Obsession with bodies is normal

Don’t panic if it turns out that one of the corpses is possessed. This is the norm in The Mortuary Assistant, and the player will have to deal with it during the game.

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As the game progresses, the player learns that one of his many tasks in The Mortuary Assistant is to work with possessed bodies. There will be subtle signals, such as a change in facial expression or new marks on the body, but a player with a trained eye can notice them almost instantly. After all, only by identifying the possessed body, you can defeat the demon.

2 Apply the mark before burning the body

The best way to deal with a possessed body is to burn it. This is just a fact of the “Assistant in the morgue”, and the player should quickly learn to cope with it before too much time has passed in the game.

However, before the player burns the possessed body, he must put a mark on it. This mark will seal the demon in the body before it is burned. A player who burns a body without a trace eventually becomes possessed himself — presumably, if not sealed, the demon can escape from the body and find a new host. This pretty much acts as the end of the game and forces players to start over.

1 Find the right body

Most importantly, the player must make sure that he has burned the right body, and not accidentally burned an unstoppable corpse. As long as the player does everything right, he will be able to safely get rid of the demon.

However, it does not matter if they do everything correctly and place all the necessary marks on the body. If they burn the wrong body, they will become possessed. The player must make sure that he knows which body is possessed, so that his work is not wasted and he does not end up being possessed by a demon.

Mortuary Assistant is available on PC.


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