7 Tips for Beginners on Disney Dreamlight Valley


Disney Dreamlight Valley has been released as an early access. Players can familiarize themselves with the game in advance, which will be fully released in 2023, by purchasing one of the founder’s kits. All these three sets contain various cosmetic items and bonuses, and also provide access to the current version of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players who have an Xbox Game Pass can download the game and get a free Founders package along with early access to the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be free for everyone when the full launch date arrives, and there’s nothing better than being ready to drop in right now when the time comes.

7 Talk to Merlin

Wizard Merlin is a great helper when players don’t know where to go or what to do next. He is more than useful and does not just help the boys named Arthur to extract medieval weapons from stones.

Talking to Merlin is as simple as finding a wizard and pressing the conversation button displayed on the screen. After starting a conversation, there are several options that you can choose to help. Merlin will tell the players what to do next, or even give some useful tips that can help when it’s unclear what to do next in Dreamlight Valley.

6 Spend time cleaning

In Dreamlight Valley, the story tells players that the world has been infected by the Forgotten Ones, which look like sinister thorns and vines all over the earth. The Forgotten Ones made everyone in Dreamlight Valley forget who they were and what they were doing.

Whenever there are parts Forgotten, be sure to delete them to clear the area. Another great thing about cleaning up these nasty evil vines is that they usually hide items and rewards that might come in handy. The removal of vines is performed by simply clicking the button under the delete prompt. After cleaning, it may seem that an item or even a coin has been collected.

5 Give gifts

The first NPC that players will meet in Dreamlight Valley is the wise old wizard Merlin. Now Merlin will act as a guide in some of the initial sections of the game, as well as explain what happened in the kingdom.

After the players get their first few quests from the wizard, they have to find him and talk to him. To find Merlin, if he is not visible on the screen, open the map to see his location. As soon as he is found, talk to him and give him a gift, as this will increase the player’s level, maximum energy, and also give a reward. Other NPCs throughout the kingdom can also receive gifts and benefit kind players, so be generous and reap the benefits.

4 Use the card

The use of the card in case of loss may be obvious, however, in the Dreamlight Valley, appearances can be deceptive. Some areas may be more difficult than they seem at first glance when players pass through them. Simple-looking paths or passageways can eventually lead to mazes, especially in the initial stages when forgotten vines and thorns are everywhere.

That’s where the map comes into play, learning how to use this handy tool early on can be a huge incentive for players studying terrain. The map located in the main menu not only shows an overview of the area, but also has several great features. Once on the map, players can see the locations of characters, crops, and even buildings. In addition to the magic kingdom-based GPS tracking system, players can also use the map to quickly move to accessible locations, making the map one of the most important elements in the entire game.

3 quests

Throughout the time spent by the player in Disney Dreamlight Valley, one of the most frequent things that will need to be completed is quests. They can range from tiny tasks like picking five apples to a challenging rescue mission to free a new character who has fallen victim to a Forgotten One.

In any case, quests will come quickly and often, to the point of confusion. However, there is an easy way to deal with this — to track them individually. After tracking, the quest will be pinned to the main screen so that players can see it at any time, and if the quest consists of several stages, then progress towards completion will also be displayed. It is very convenient to study at an early stage, since all quests remain neat and prioritized according to preferences.

2 Don’t get tired

Recreation is part of any healthy lifestyle, and players won’t want to avoid it either in Dreamlight Valley or in the real world. In the game, performing too many actions will drain energy, and players will not be able to perform any actions available in the kingdom.


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