7 Times GOT7’s Mark Proves He Can Be Boyfriend


Mark Tuan has a charming personality and we think the GOT7 rapper would be the perfect boyfriend every girl would want to have.

The members of GOT7 possess unique qualities that have allowed them to win the affection of large numbers of fans around the world. Each one has stood out for their personality and great talents, but when it comes to being a material boyfriend, Mark is the one who takes the title.

This rapper not only shows his charms in GOT7 performances, but he has also given us some of the best interactions with the members of the group off stage and even with the fans.

Mark has a sweet personality and can be both a boy who stands up for what he wants and an adorable friend who takes care of his peers. There are many qualities of this GOT7 member, but this time we will tell you about some moments that made us think that this idol would be the perfect boyfriend that many girls want.

Read on and remember some of the moments this GOT7 member made us smile with his charisma.



During the promotions of DYE, GOT7’s most recent album, each of the members of the group made a live broadcast in the form of a date with their fans, choosing the activity they wanted to share with the fans, but in Mark’s case , this broadcast really seemed like a romantic date with his fans. The GOT7 rapper prepared ramen while talking to his followers, shared the food by pretending to feed the camera, and later also shared a dessert. The perfect closure came when the idol took a bouquet of flowers and handed it to the camera, but also practiced his Spanish saying the phrase “hello my love” while laughing at his own actions.


Mark is always very protective and attentive to his fellow GOT7 members, he keeps an eye on their well-being during rehearsals and concerts, but also when they go out somewhere, keeping them away from any danger that may arise. But a gesture of attention that we see him put into practice very often is when he shares his food with his companions. That’s why we believe that as a boyfriend, this idol will take good care of the person he loves.


Mark Tuan always manages to have fun while at home, but he is also a lover of sports and competitions, which is why this idol has the perfect balance to be a material boyfriend. The GOT7 rapper is ready for some great adventures away from home, but it’s not a requirement for him to have a good time.


During Working Eat Holiday in Jeju, we got to see the activities of various GOT7 members preparing food, Mark proved not only to be good in the kitchen, but his good heart when cooking for his colleagues, so we can imagine that he would be happy preparing a delicious dish. for a special person.


Although Mark spends most of his time away from his family, he has shown how happy it makes him to be reunited with his loved ones, so he makes the most of any moment he has with them, which makes us think that he would also be a boy very happy every time he meets the person he loves the most.


Mark is not afraid to reveal his feelings, we have seen him show his affection to his bandmates and fans on a number of occasions. Furthermore, he is the GOT7 member who is most easily moved during concerts by the support of his fans. That is why this idol would be a very loving and honest boy when it comes to a love relationship.


Mark enjoys seeing others happy and will do everything to make them smile, that’s why several times we have seen him do aegyo or funny poses in front of GOT7 fans in order to help them improve their day, which makes us think that As a boyfriend, he would definitely go out of his way to make the person who wins his heart happy.


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