7 thousand pirate TV Boxes destroy their cargo


This Friday (25), starting at 10 am, the IRS will destroy seven thousand counterfeit decoders seized in the city of Ponta Porã (MS), on the border with Paraguay. Known as the TV Box, they are used to unlock subscription channels. The destruction of the material will take place in the courtyard of the local Customs.

After being pressed, the destroyed devices (plastic and metal parts) will be sent for recycling. According to the Brazilian Pay-TV Association (ABTA), the smuggling of counterfeit and illegal devices (not approved by the National Telecommunications Agency / Anatel) is responsible for R $ 9.5 billion in annual losses for the audiovisual industry, in addition to R $ 1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Since 2016, the IRS has destroyed 145,000 pirated TV Boxes, mainly on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, one of the main entry points for counterfeit decoders – but not the only one.

Operations throughout Brazil

In early September, the IRS confiscated, in five containers stocked in a warehouse, in the Port of Itaguaí, in Rio de Janeiro, 22,800 undeclared pirate devices. The entire cargo was destroyed.

In São Paulo, the operations were commanded by the Civil Police and collected, in the first semester alone, 5,000 counterfeit decoders being sold at traditional points of popular commerce, in the city center. Called Short-Circuit, the operation also arrested 20 people involved in the sale of pirated TV Boxes.


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