7 Things to Know About Sports Illustrated’s Natalie Noel: From Her Celebrity Crush to Her Biggest Goals


Completely by myself! The authenticity of Sports Illustrated model and influencer Natalie Noel has attracted the attention of 3.5 million Instagram users, and she is proud to experience every minute.

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Some may recognize the 25-year-old girl by her appearances in David Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad” videos on YouTube, but since then the Illinois native has paved her own path. She recently appeared for the second time in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, summing up the “surreal” achievement via social media.

“THE SECOND YEAR!! MY GOD!! STILL DOESN’T FEEL REAL!! — she commented on the publication’s Instagram post, congratulating her on a photo shoot in Belize.

A model friend in swimwear, Camilla Kostek, exclaimed enthusiastically: “NAT!”, and Brooks Nader from SI enthusiastically declared: “GO, BEST FRIEND!!!! @natalinanoel 😍😍😍😍 insanely 😍😍”.

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Reflecting on her career path, Noelle exclusively told Us Weekly that she still has some important items that she would like to mention in her list of modeling desires. “I’m obsessed with fashion day in and day out,” she said. “I would love to attend fashion week, be part of a luxury fashion campaign, or even launch my own brand one day! Who knows!”

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Keep scrolling to find out more about Noelle — from her love of celebrities to her advice to aspiring influencers:

Us: What was it like being a part of Sports Illustrated? How inspiring was it for you to be a part of?

Natalie Noel: “Sports Illustrated” was the most inspiring moment in my career. They recognized and praised me for being exactly who I am, and appreciated my differences from the stereotypical model. I will never forget such a great achievement!

We: Was there a turning point in your life that really helped increase the number of your followers?

NN: In 2019, I saw the greatest growth, because I collaborated and manifested myself with a variety of people. I helped coordinate pranks, surprises and celebrity meetings with my friends for YouTube. We ate, slept and breathed our content, and it was visible. I’m biased, but we made some of the most viral and epic videos on YouTube!

Us: What is the best advice you can give to become an influencer?

NN: No matter how banal it may sound, the main thing is consistency! It’s important to find your niche— whether it’s your talent or what you’re passionate about— and tell the world about it. Creating content that you like and with which you naturally interact will attract a real and loyal audience!

Us: What are three funny facts about you that no one knows?

NN: 1. I probably broke some kind of record for chronic hiccups. I have been receiving them every day, without fail, for the last 10 years.
2. I put Cholula on everything.
3. I was supposed to be born on Christmas Eve, hence my middle name Noel.

We: Which celebrity (if any) approached you with an offer to cooperate and/or said that she was your fan? What was this conversation like?

NN: I had the opportunity to meet my long-time celebrity Halsey, and the next day [they] asked me to star in [their] AboutFace Beauty commercial for Valentine’s Day. I grew up listening to [Halsey’s] music and attended [their] concerts. This 48-hour time span seemed so surreal.

Us: Who (of the celebrities) inspires you the most? Whose account do you subscribe to the most and what do you like about him/her?

NN: At the moment, I am most inspired by Emma Grede, the female boss – [she is] the CEO of Good American and co—founder of Skims. In general, a very smart, purposeful and cool business woman, her motivation and achievements inspire me to do the same one day. I also, of course, love Halsey and [their] bold attitude. [They] are not afraid of anyone and say everything as it is!

Us: What is your goal as an influencer? What do you hope to achieve and/or tell about yourself?

NN: I’m obsessed with fashion day in and day out. I would love to attend fashion week, be part of a luxury fashion campaign, or even launch my own brand one day! Who knows! My favorite brand at the moment is Jacquemus. I think a person’s style speaks loudly, whether it’s excessive or minimalistic. I think style is best when it’s effortless and inexpensive.

With a report by Diana Cooper