7 things BTS taught us about friendship


The members of BTS have built a friendship that serves as an example for us. On July 30 of each year is celebrated the International Day of Friendship, a date that allows us to remember those special people who stay by our side and make us happy day by day. The BTS guys have shared a lot of time together and are now great friends too.

This idol group has taught us many things through their music, to love ourselves, to preach love and to never give up in the fulfillment of our goals, but also, BTS has been a great example when it comes to friendship.

That is why, on such a special day, we bring you some things that the BTS boys taught us about friendship, which will allow you to create better relationships.

Arguments don’t have to be bad

No matter how good friends they are, all people face some arguments because they don’t always share the same views. But the key to a true friendship is to learn from each moment, a discussion will take you to know more about the other person, so listening to them and recognizing that they will not always think the same will help them create a better relationship.

Time makes a bond stronger

The guys at BTS have told us on several occasions that, because they spent so much time together, they learned to recognize each other’s personality and limits. Likewise, over time you and your friends will understand each other better and your connection will become stronger.

In good and bad

A true friendship will be able to withstand great challenges. When someone who is your friend sees you face a complicated situation and simply walks away, it shows you that they are only interested in the fun that is at your side. Instead, the BTS boys had to train and live difficult episodes where they only had the support of the group, and it was in this way that they found the strength to be better every day.

Admiration and support

In a group of friends, it’s not about who shines the most, but that each one has unique qualities that make him amazing. in friendship there is no competition, but mutual support and admiration.

Learn from the interests of others

When the boys from BTS met, they all had a common interest, but apart from that, their hobbies could seem a little different, over time, each one has developed new hobbies, but by sharing them with their peers, they have all earned a lot experience.

A friend will always be there to listen to you

When faced with conflict, you may prefer not to disturb others with concerns, but a friend will show that they are willing to support you, and if all they can do is listen to you, they will be happy to do so. This is how the members of BTS to V let him know during FESTA 2020, sharing messages of encouragement and letting him know that they are always ready to listen to him.

Union make force

Although each one has its own brilliance, there is no doubt that being with people you love and working towards the same goal will allow them to show their best, reach their goals and enjoy each stage.


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