7 Suga photos that you can easily recreate at home


If you want to find new styles for your selfies that are not difficult to recreate, Suga has several poses and images that can help you take the best photos from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need a lot of production, you just have to have good lighting, some summer outfits or singles and someone to help you portray yourself in the different poses. We leave you a list with 7 selfies and ideas that can inspire you to take photos and recreate the image of Suga.

If you want to update your profile picture on Facebook or right now that you are in home office or online classes, you can get ready, choose the most elegant wall in your house, have good lighting and ask someone for help to portray you as if you were a model, you don’t need much production.

It is hot time, ask your mom if she does not have a bandana or bandana for you to wear as a headband, you will have a casual photo, but without losing the style of Suga.

If you want something simple and without so many elements, just ask someone to take a photo of you looking from above, wear a sweatshirt and put on a serious face, it will give you a mysterious aura.

If you want something semi-professional, just look for a colored wall or use a colored sheet or paper that gives you a pastel or neutral background. Choose your best outfit and take photos with the help of someone or with the timer on your phone, always remember to have good lighting or edit it afterwards.

If you want something original without losing style, you can recreate a selfie with freshly washed hair, the “wet” effect of the photo will give you a cool and fun touch.

If you want to update the photo on your Instagram or Twitter, you can wear something casual, preferably white, find a place with a Manimalist aura, in black or white and have plenty of light so that your selfie is perfect.

Do not lose the aura of summer with this type of photo. Wear a cap, tank top, sandals, shorts and take a photo in your patio. You can pose with a Dalgonna Coffe or some milkshake or smoothie to give it those summer vibes.


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