7 series that were renewed and then canceled in 2020


We know that 2020 has been shaken by the covid-19 pandemic. Social isolation, impossibility to work, new health care and several other issues arose during this period of difficulties. All of these situations brought several problems to the television industry, which had to suspend filming indefinitely and called into question the longevity of some productions.

Because of this, many renewed series ended up being canceled in 2020.

2020 Cancellations

The biggest sadness of the series that will no longer be produced is the fact that many of them had a good legion of fans and were victims of a period of uncertainty and a major financial crisis.

To have an idea of ​​the damage of 2020, we decided to make a list with seven canceled series that will be missed.

1. The Society

The teen series was one of the first victims of Netflix, a record-breaking streaming in the number of canceled productions. The Society was renewed in July 2019 for season 2, which was supposed to answer many questions left by season 1. However, in August 2020, the series was canceled. According to the giant, the fault lies with the covid-19, since the pandemic has damaged the schedule and budget of the series.

2. Stumptown

The series starring Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) was renewed for the 2nd season in May 2020, but the joy of the fans did not last long, because ABC announced 4 months later, in September, the cancellation of the program.


One of the most recent victims, GLOW was canceled in early October. The series was renewed in September 2019 for season 4, but the pandemic got in the way. In a statement, Netflix said that the need for distancing made it difficult to record the fight scenes and that the budget was also hampered by the new coronavirus.

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4. I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry was renewed for the 3rd season in June 2019 and already had the scripts ready for all episodes of the season. The productions even started, but were suspended after 2 weeks; 6 months later, TruTv announced the cancellation of the series on account of covid-19.

5. On Becoming A God In Central Florida

On Becoming a God in Central Florida was renewed for the 2nd season in September 2019, however the production did not even come out of the paper. The schedule was postponed due to covid-19 and, in the beginning of October, it became one of the series canceled due to the pandemic’s uncertainties.

6. Drunk History

One of Comedy Central’s biggest hits, the Drunk History parody program has also been canceled. Season 7 had already been confirmed and pre-production was underway when the pandemic started. Because of covid-19, the channel canceled the series and decided to invest more in animations, such as the remake of Beavis and Butt-Head.

7. Tosh.0

Another tough farewell for Comedy Central fans. Tosh.0 was one of the main programs on the television channel and had been renewed for another four seasons in January 2020, which would take it until the 16th season. Unfortunately, the CC went back and decided to cancel the program in August of this year.


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