7 reasons why NiziU will manage to conquer your heart


Getting to know the members of NiziU better will show you all their skills, their teamwork and the history of the idols, you will not be able to resist their charm.

The members of NiziU are preparing hard for their debut in the music industry, these girls are already known by those who followed their reality show, but very soon they will conquer the world with their musical style. We tell you some of its qualities that will catch you.

This Japanese group includes several girls who stood out in the eyes of the Japanese public and who have great potential in the entertainment industry, what can we expect from their debut?

Thanks to their participation in various shows and the way they have connected with the online fan community, NiziU continues to score points before the release of their first album, which is how they stole the looks of all those who are curious about it. style that the girls and their performance will show.

If you want to get to know these idols better and find out how they captured the attention of fans before debuting, here are some reasons that will make you love them.



The creation of NiziU is a new proposal that combines the best K-Pop techniques with the talent of Japanese artists, since although we have seen idols from Japan debut in South Korea, in this case their style will be focused on the public nippon.


The NiziU girls showed their strength in the Nizi Project program, in this show we saw them evolve, exploit their talent and also opened their hearts to reveal the feelings they faced in the face of new challenges and the uncertainty of the future. This survival show will help you get to know the idols better and become fond of them.

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Some of the members were part of the Stray Kids video for the song God’s Menu, which gave them an incredible experience and also let them show themselves to the public and experience a little of what their lives will be like as idols.


The NiziU girls have yet to make their official debut, but they showed a glimpse of their potential as a group through the music video for Make You Happy, where their sweet aura will captivate.


Each of the members of NiziU charted their own path to pursue their dream of being a singer and some of the episodes of their lives will surprise you, Miihi for example, was recruited when she attended a TWICE concert.


These girls shine on stage, but outside of it they have very special personalities, some of them are interested in musical instruments, like Rima. Maya is a fan of arts and painting, Rio has a special taste for fashion, the more you get to know these girls, the more they will captivate you.


The girls have a very good relationship and have recently shown more about their daily life through their own reality show where they captured their adventures living in South Korea while training for their debut.

We also recently showed you a bit of the routine of NiziU idols, from their stay in the dormitories to their workouts at JYP Entertainment.


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