7 Phrases You Should Never Say To A K-Drama Fan


There are some phrases that no one who loves drama would like to hear. If you are a fan of K-Dramas, there are probably people around you who cannot understand why you enjoy series from such a distant place so much and that, in some respects, they can seem so different, but the tolerance of a fan can disappear when you hear some typical phrases that are used to annoy them about their hobby.

Surely by now you have already thought about some things that your friends or family always say while watching Korean series, phrases that you don’t know if they are to let you know that they are curious about what you do or if they simply want to annoy you.

Just like you, there are many people who enjoy watching dramas during their free time, but many of them also hear comments that can break their patience because they seem critical of a very special hobby.

In case you are not a fan but you know someone who is happy watching Asian productions, you should consider that there are things that although they might seem like a joking comment, a fan of K-Dramas may be upset, since you will be showing that you do not understand nor do you respect his love for these series.

Here are some phrases that almost all fans of dramas have heard at some time and that definitely no one should tell them.

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How do you distinguish them?

Many people are not familiar with entertainment from South Korea, which is why for some it can be difficult to identify the traits that make a person so different from those we see in our day to day unique. This does not mean that they are all the same, but it is necessary to pay attention and observe on more than one occasion so that you begin to be aware of what makes each actor unique.

Your Chinese series …

Your Chinese series again? Are you watching Chinese? A fan of K-Dramas is likely to also enjoy series from Japan, China, Thailand, or other Asian countries. If you want to generalize because you don’t know which country a production comes from then you can just call it a series or drama, but generalizing everyone as Chinese is a derogatory comment that will not be liked by any fan.

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Not even if you understand them?

You don’t need to understand Korean to be able to enjoy a K-Drama, the reason is very simple: most of them have subtitles in a large number of languages, including Spanish. After a while watching these series, fans can begin to become familiar with the language, but this does not mean that they understand it perfectly since it is not a necessity.

Don’t you mind how they talk?

Each language has unique qualities, but even in the same territory, each area gives some characteristics to its use of a language. That is why when hearing the Korean language for the first time, some people may be surprised by the expressions, gestures or intonation, but this is part of their culture and therefore is not a reason for criticism.

How do you learn their weird names?

Again, it is a question that is strange for those who are not used to hearing or reading Korean names. It is easier for fans of K-Dramas to memorize the names and identify each character in the story because it is something they are already familiar with, so this is also not a valid reason to annoy someone for enjoying this hobby.

Not in Spanish?

Compared with the large number of productions that are released in a year, there are very few K-Dramas that are dubbed into Spanish, but also, for many fans of Asian series it is more pleasant to see them in their original language because the voices , intonation and expressions can change dramatically.

And do you already know Korean from seeing them so much?

There are people who are interested in learning Korean after learning about K-Dramas, but not everyone is the same. Learning the language may not be relevant for a fan, but even if they decide to start taking language classes, it doesn’t make a difference in how much they enjoy a series.


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