7 Photos That Show Jungkook’s Change Over The Years


This is how Jugkook has changed over the years. In South Korea, it is already September 1, the birthday of BTS’s Golden Maknae, a boy from Busan who at only 23 years old has managed to fulfill big dreams with his fellow Korean pop group.

Since his early years as a trainee, Jungkook went through various changes typical of adolescence, the growth of idols is not only in terms of fame or talent, they also experience the evolution of their physical features over time, from looking adorable, they turn into amazing sexy and handsome boys.

Jungkook had to find his own style, despite the fact that Bangtan used various concepts throughout their ages, the boys began to find their own physical identity, hair look, indispensable accessories that characterize them, for example, their tattoos. Although he couldn’t do it as a young man, now he is a boy who has impregnated parts of his body with ink in order to symbolize important things in his life.

From ear rings, long hair, dark outfits, and more, Jungkook has changed a lot over the years, transforming himself into one of the most popular K-pop idols, but also a very attractive, young, mature guy.


Since he was little, Jungkook had an adorable baby face, but his hair and large eyes gave him the nickname “circle” or “bunny” because his facial features were round. Back then his cheeks were rounder.

Pre debut

Before starting his dream with BTS, the idol sported a skate boy style, hair on the side and his cheeks were still plump and adorable.



Once he debuted with the K-pop group, Jungkook adopted a darker style, although he was still a skate boy, with his reddish hair, big black eyes and a hairstyle made up of his bangs. Also, during the early ages I wore eyeliner.


As the years passed, his style became more youthful and casual, and his hair broke slightly giving him a soft and innocent look.



During this era, Jungkook began to change noticeably, his cheekbones now looked more refined, his appearance was very striking and he began to show his sexy side, as he began to wear earrings, an accessory that characterizes him.


Map of the soul: PERSON

During the era of “Map of the Soul: PERSONA” and “Boy with Luv”, his face showed his adorable cheeks again, his hair was black and he began to grow it out, and his appearance looked much more mature.


Long Hair

In the last year, Jungkook has become even more handsome than he was, his long black hair lasted a long time, his sexy side began to become more attractive and dark, he also began to show off his tattoos,

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