7 photos of Taehyung that you can easily recreate


He has related to ARMY many selfies through social networks, many of which they recreate during ARMY Selca Day, if you have no idea how to take a new photo for that day or want to update your profile on social networks or give it a touch More aesthetic to your Instagram, follow these tips.

Taehyung has many selfies and has modeled in different ways, you can recreate the photos from the comfort of your home, choose the one you like best.

If you want an easy photo, just look for the best window you have and ask your sister or mom for help, you can help yourself with sunlight or a lamp so that you have good lighting.

Just look for a window where the sun hits and if you have much better plants, that way you can recreate an image where shadows are cast on your face.

Just ask your sister or mom for help, they will portray you from below, if the sky is in its splendor during sunset, you will give it a more aesthetic touch.

You will only need to find a comfortable place to recharge your arm, reach out and take a selfie as if you were lying down.

Bed sheet
Use a light and ask someone to portray you under the covers, it will be a very attesthetic photo, if you can do it at night, the better, so that the daylight does not damage your photo.

With a lamp that you have on your desk or wall, you only need a spotlight to give an aura of mystery to your photo. Wear dark colored clothing for better contrast.

If you decorate your room with Christmas lights or waterfalls, you can recreate this photo, you will have a lot of light and it will give you a cute aura.


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