7 photos of Jin that you can easily recreate at home


Jin from BTS is one of the idols with the best poses and photos, take the necessary ideas to recreate these magnificent selfies in your home.

The idol considered as ‘Worldwide Handsome’, besides having humor and an incredible talent for cooking, is one of the cutest idols, his visual is considered one of the most powerful in the K-pop industry.

But Jin not only knows how to look good, the idol also sings and dances in a unique way that has conquered the hearts of all his fans, both within his country and internationally, the presence of the singer is undeniable.

His personality is another point in favor of Seokjin, since he is always very happy and content to meet his fans in different presentations, concerts, interviews and the interactions he has with ARMY on the Internet.

To have interesting selfies and self-portraits it is not necessary to invest a lot of time, with the necessary creativity you will be able to show off the best photos on your social networks inspired by the Seokjin style.

To have an amazing photo you don’t have to spend a lot of money, the key is to find a harmonious space in your house, use your timer and all your creativity to create an interesting portrait.

From top to bottom
This shot is very classic, you can put your cell phone on the floor and that will create a good expectation of the space in the photo, a very nice look to look fabulous in your selfie.

Find a nice background so that your photo has colors that go with you, it can be a smooth wall and later you can add effects with an app.

The hearts are the favorite symbols of Jin, this photo besides being fun is super unique, the member of BTS is very creative and thus expresses his love for ARMY.


This is a gesture that BTS guys do a lot in their photos, it is like a personal and unique stamp, so it will look great in your photos.

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; 170322 #진 –

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Contact with the nature
Jin loves to be in contact with nature, this photo you can recreate in your house, even if you have a small or large space, any place is good to express yourself.

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2018 Season’s greetings Teaser Image

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Old effects
In order to give your photos a very special aura, you can use this tonality in the photo of Jin, play with the textures, there are many editing applications that can help you.

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#LOVE_YOURSELF 承 'Her' Special Photo

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