7 Outfits with biker shorts for every occasion


Biker shorts are a trend in fashion, in addition to being comfortable, you can style them as you like best, look at these looks and dare to wear cycling shorts.

They say that in fashion trends come and go, but biker shorts remained to be a comfortable, elegant garment that you can combine as you like, always giving it your bright personality.

The biker shorts or cycling shorts are a garment created for people who enjoy exercising on a bicycle, since these athletes needed a garment that adjusted to the body and did not weigh so much, the shorts became popular for their good appearance, ease of find them in stores and be quite useful day by day.

Social networks did the same and brought a retro fashion, many famous influencers and celebrities have used biker shorts, leaving their fans very inspired to dare to experiment more with their looks.

This time we bring you some different combinations that you can put into practice with your biker shorts or cycling shorts, do not forget that you are free to add the accessories you want to look incredible.


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Formal style biker shorts

Who said that sportswear don’t go with casual clothes? If you want to look modern, with a touch of elegance and show your personality with biker shorts, this is the right option, a plaid blazer, stiletto shoes and a crop top With a front closure they will be your best friends, also, do not forget the accessories, a large bag with details and layered necklaces so that your neck looks radiant.

Baddie biker shorts

If you are a girl with a rougher style and want to experiment with her looks, this outfit could be your new favorite combination. A jacket with a thick belt and chains that accentuate your figure, in contrast to your plain biker shorts, boots with a bit of a heel and the final touch, some cat-eye-style lenses. Woow!

Biker shorts and plaid shirt

You cannot deny that you have a plaid shirt in your closet, so take it and combine it with your biker shorts, they will give you a relaxed and comfortable style, but at the same time fresh and very cool; This outfit can be ideal to go for a walk, do not forget your glasses and your boots that will give a special vibe to your steps.

Biker shorts with vibrant colors

If you want to stand out and that the looks lead towards you, the following look is the one that best suits you, because you will look fashionable with biker shorts, the accessories are the ones that will stand out, such as the white boots, the neon bag and your gold belt , a pump that assures you a 10 out of 10 in your outfit.

Animal print biker shorts

These biker shorts are a more rocker and carefree wave, you can wear one of your favorite band’s shirts, the more it has a vintage look the better, to complement wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, platform boots and circular earrings.

Biker leather shorts

Currently there are biker shorts of all materials and textures, if you are of a more risky and rebellious personality, leather cycling shots are your best option, mix them with a graphic shirt, large contrasting boots, small and circular lenses. Ready!

Sports style biker shorts

This look is ideal for people who have many activities, they go from here to there without stopping. It is an outfit that is more than perfect if you love large sweatshirts, comfortable shoes and backpacks. Good option to go to school or work on an ordinary day or just to be in your house.


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