7 old photo apps for iPhone! Here they are


There are plenty of image editor options out there, but if you want to explore the creative possibilities of vintage style, the one that recreates the visual experience provided by older analog equipment, we have separated a selection of iOS-oriented apps that are worth trying out.

Light effects, varied focus and formatting, as well as recreations of specific devices, are part of these solutions, and many of them offer free features that do not leave the feeling that something is missing.

Paid extras, on the other hand, are able to further expand the amount of effects applied to images, which will certainly gain a nostalgic feel, coupled with technological evolution. Then, just get your iPhone free your imagination.

1. Huji Cam

Faithful reproduction of the disposable camera launched in 1998, it prints dates on photos and applies light leakage effects, color fringes and a contrasted overall appearance, reminiscent of a cheap ISO 400 roll. The options can be customized, but to import images and reprocess them, it is necessary to invest R $ 3.90.

2. Gudak

This is for those who really want to remember a time when patience was needed. With it, you need to take 24 shots to “complete a roll” and wait an hour to “change it” and take pictures again.

Do you want to reveal them? Select the option and wait for three days. According to the company, the magic happens because, as in the past, it is possible to be surprised by the result – which cannot be previewed. To download it, just access the App Store.

3. Calla

Highly stylized and a little confusing, this app plays 35mm compact cameras and includes different types of film, making only one available for free. Warm colors and grain are part of the package, as well as varied configuration control. With it, it is possible to import captures already made. It is also on the App Store.

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4. KD Pro

Count on three types of films (which simulate Kodak and Fujifilm, plus one in black and white), date and light leaks, as well as a “development” time setting. However, KD Pro also requires an investment of R $ 3.90 to release the import of images already taken and customization of the camera. You can only view the scene through the “display”, which is very small on the smartphone display.

5. Hipstamatic X

Filters, presets and camera settings make your images look like they came straight from the 1980s or 1990s. Both amateur and professional photographers can take advantage of the app’s features, which include darkroom editing, gear adjustment, light, color features and focus and granulation tool – in addition to a record of gamified history.

6. Retro Camera +

Bringing live camera filters, more than 40 effects, a timer, a flash mode and selfie camera support, the Retro Camera + differential is its simplified connection with social networks, more than 30 in total. Ideal for those who want to take a photo and already share.

7. Dazz Cam

Finishing the list, an option capable of restoring the color, texture and noise of an image, providing a series of light leakage effects to give the photos an even more authentic analog look.

Image overlay, timer, fisheye lenses, flash colors and exposure adjustment, as well as a square frame, are available to those who miss the aesthetics of decades ago.


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