7 Most Expensive Things Billie Eilish Has


Billie Eilish wardrobe, jewelry, and properties have cost Billie Eilish thousands of dollars, discover her most luxurious items.

How much money has Billie Eilish spent since she became famous? Discover the most expensive accessories in her personal collection, the singer has a lot of money to invest in unique items.

The music phenomenon has made her fortune thanks to her viral songs, tours, album sales and her most recent APlle TV documentary for which she received a check for $ 25 million.

At just 19 years old, Billie Eilish has become one of the most popular and millionaire girls . Like all celebrities, you must invest in your image, so it is not uncommon for your outfits to be designer and personalized, in addition to parading in your photographs with outfits from well-known and luxurious brands.

Discover the 7 most expensive things Billie Eilish has paid for thanks to her fortune. From your wardrobe, jewelry collection, personal care, and quirks that only money can afford, your time is literally worth gold.

The singer has distinguished herself by a unique style to wear, which is why she spends the most, in addition, she has her own clothing collection with Bershka . Her looks are usually combined with tennis shoes and jewelry that cost thousands and thousands.

In addition to her fortune, Billie Eilish possesses physical qualities such as peculiar height, find out how tall she is.



The singer usually combines her outfits with jewelry; Billie spends many thousands of dollars to dress with diamonds. Among her most expensive accessories are a necklace worth $ 53,000, but she also has a personalized chain in black diamonds and 30,000 green bills with which she celebrated her 5 GRAMMY trophies.


The canrante does not usually wear accessories, but when she models or occupies suitcases or bags she can cost thousands of dollars. Her Gucci collections cost $ 3,000, plus she has $ 2,000 travel bags.


She is a great collector of Sneakers, among the Nike and Jordan brands, as well as the Balenciaga tennis shoes, but among her peers she has sports shoes in which she invested a lot of money, since she has ties decorated with diamonds that cost almost 2,000 US dollars. Gucci brand.


Billie is known for her taste in fashion, so it is not uncommon for her to spend a lot of money on her wardrobe, she comes to pay more than 350 thousand dollars for garments from the Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton brands. Among her most expensive clothes is a Burberry trench coat that cost $ 6,000.


Her car collection is said to be worth $ 80,000 to $ 250,000 and she owns Audi and Mercedes Benz brand properties as well as a motorcycle, but her most expensive acquisition is a $ 50,000 Dodge Challenger.


In addition to jewelry, Billie likes to count her time, but not her money, since she has come to invest in luxury watches that cost from 5 to 40 thousand. Without a doubt, her taste for fashion extends to the accessories with which she complements her looks, literally her time is worth gold.


Although she is a girl with a strong self-esteem and who has learned to deal with criticism and some disorders such as body dysmorphia, Billie had to invest in her dental care more than 8 thousand dollars and in the care of her nails she spends more than 100 dollars.


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