“7 months, and there are still no answers” — Spirit of Shankly Calls on UEFA to Publish The Conclusions Made in Paris


More than 200 days after the disturbing events that happened to Liverpool fans during the Champions League final in Paris, the Independent Investigation Team of UEFA has not yet published its findings.

Less than a week after the final, UEFA announced that it would conduct an independent investigation into the events that unfolded during the preparation for the match in Paris.

But as we enter 2023, they have yet to reveal their findings, and Liverpool fans who are trapped in chaos are still waiting for answers.

Now, with only five months left until the next Champions League final, the Spirit of Shankly fan group is asking UEFA to assure fans that their investigation will be completed soon.

In full, their new statement reads:

“Following unacceptable events at the UEFA Champions League final on May 28, 2022 in Paris, UEFA announced on June 3, 2022 that it would conduct an independent investigation into “frightening and disturbing events in the run-up to the UEFA Championship.” The league final at the Stade de France on May 28, 2022 in Paris, on a night that was supposed to be a celebration of European club football.”

“Then they said: “No football fan should get into such a situation, and it should not happen again.”

“They stated that an independent investigation would (seek to) “identify the shortcomings and responsibilities of all organizations involved in organizing the finals.”

“It’s January 2023, 7 months — more than 200 days — later, and there are still no answers.

“Along with others, including media representatives such as Dan Austin and Liverpool Echo correspondents, Spirit of Shankly has been constantly requesting updates from the Investigative Team, but there is still no clarity as to when their report will be completed, sent to UEFA or published. . The November deadline has long passed.

“We confirm the latest news from Dr. Thiago Rodriguez, who heads the group, which we received in December, but the lack of specific information continues to cause concern among our supporters and participants and does not give confidence that the investigation is moving towards completion. .

“We publicly supported the Commission process, while thoroughness and accuracy were more important than speed. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to answer the questions of the aforementioned supporters and members without having reliable information that we could provide them with.

“We want to continue to participate and we are determined to hold the Group and their work accountable, but without an exact date for the publication of their report, we are increasingly concerned that any results, recommendations and actions will not be implemented in the current football. calendar year.

“There are only five months left until the next Champions League final, and it will be increasingly difficult to act on any recommendations in advance, which we consider unacceptable, given what the fans experienced before, during and after the last final in Paris.

“We ask UEFA and the Commission to assure Liverpool fans that the investigation into what happened in Paris will be completed soon, and the lessons learned will be taken into account by the final in Istanbul in June.

“As UEFA itself stated: “No football fan should get into such a situation, and it should not happen again.”


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