7 moments where RM proved to be a great leader for BTS


Kim Namjoon is one of the most committed and dedicated K-pop leaders, the BTS rapper has made it clear that he has a gift for leading one of the most famous bands in the world.

Within K-pop there are different positions that are assigned to idols in order to maintain a certain order within the group, Korean culture places a lot of attention and value on hierarchies, so for groups that are part of Korean entertainment it is essential to have a leader.

RM was the first member of BTS to belong to the official line-up, he is known for being one of the brains behind the success of the Bangtan Boys and the rapper is in charge of directing the path of the band. The ‘Dynamite’ interpreter must take care of many tasks both outside and within his group.

Being the leader of one of the most popular bands in the world is not an easy activity, it takes a lot of attitude, talent and a special gift to communicate with the people who are part of your team.

The boys of BTS are recognized for their hard work and effort, each of the 7 members that make up the Big Hit Entertainment group is valuable. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

This time we bring you some moments in which Namjoon has shown why he holds the position of leader within BTS. What quality do you most admire about Kim Namjoon from the Bangtan Boys?

Recently the members of the Big Hit Entertainment band shared the names of the people who inspire them to have a great style, we invite you to visit: Who inspires the style of BTS? Meet his fashion heroes.

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On different occasions Jungkook has told that he is part of the Big Hit Entertainment company thanks to the admiration he has for RM, the Golden Maknae felt something special when he saw Namjoon, that is why the singer decided to sign with the company.


Solo career or BTS?

When RM arrived at Big Hit, the director of the company asked him if he wanted to have a solo career to concentrate or wanted to continue with BTS’s plans, the leader did not doubt it and preferred to remain firm next to his teammates.


Kim Namjoon suffered a heavy fall on stage during one of BTS’s performances, the idol showed his dedication and professionalism at the end of his concert.


RM knows the value of ARMY, one of the most loyal fandoms in music, so to show his love, the leader of BTS gave an emotional speech at the end of one of the concerts of the ‘Speak Yourself’ tour.


There are also hilarious moments where the leader of BTS has shown that keeping control of 6 guys is a tough job, so he’s gifted his fans with some epic moments.

BTS boys look up to RM

A leader could not perform his role well if his team is not inspired. During an interview, the BTS members were questioned about Namjoon’s leadership and they said that the rapper has a very smart way of looking at things.


The boys of BTS have promoted a lot abroad, that is why it is very valuable that the leader of the K-pop group masters several languages, demonstrating his intelligence and preparation.


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