7 moments when Jimin turned the street into his catwalk


Watch the best moments when Jimin transformed the street into a catwalk. Park Jimin is one of the K-pop idols who have the ability to reveal himself on stage, he is considered one of the most iconic voices of his generation, along with his fellow Bangtan Boys he is an international star.

Thanks to his work as an artist, Jimin has traveled to different countries of the world, dazzling passersby with his visual, style, charisma and way of walking, his steps are elegant, they are worthy of a dancer.

This time we bring you the best 7 moments that Park Jimin turned the street of different countries and cities into his great catwalk, walking like a great model and showing his confidence.

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During a trip that Jimin and Jungkook made to Japan, Jimin surprised passers-by with their looks and firm steps on the street. Watch the adventures of the boys:

Red sweater

Jimin is so spectacular that only with dark glasses and a red sweater are necessary to surprise the cameramen who were waiting for his presence, the BTS singer does know how to dress.


The BTS guys have a tight schedule, they spend a lot of time at airports, so Jimin always goes down the halls with fabulous looks.


Every place BTS goes they always try to get to know the best attractions, J-Hope and Jimin were caught in New York City doing shopping, both idols looked very handsome and caught the attention of people who were nearby.


Jimin and the boys from BTS went to Hawaii, the ‘Lie’ singer shared a blog about his stay in that heavenly place, the idol had fun, visited many places and explored the island, but not before captivating people’s hearts with your walk.


Every place that Jimin steps on becomes his catwalk, as in this image, some people who saw the interpreter through a glass were impressed with Jimin.


Jimin’s walk is not rushed, but not slow, he is a person who takes time to enjoy each step on his way, like a model.

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