7 Marvel Series To Watch Later This Year on Disney+


The Marvel Cinematographic Universe is undoubtedly a big hit on the big screen in movie theaters, with several box office records. However, the MCU yields so many stories that it could not fail to emerge new content in other formats, such as the original series made available on Disney’s streaming, Disney+.

These new series from Marvel are among the top Disney Plus 2021 releases, and bring new perspectives on the stories presented in theaters. In addition, they also feature new heroes and villains.

For you who are a fan, or want to start following the journey of Marvel’s superheroes, we have separated 7 Marvel series for you to watch in Disney Plus, such as the Gavião Arqueiro series, Wandavision and others. Check out:

What If…?

To watch What If…? you might think of a question that many people have asked themselves: “What would happen if…?”

In this series, stories of parallel universes are presented, where the events seen in the films occur in a different way. What if Peggy Carter had taken the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers? What would have happened if Ultron had won the battle against the Avengers? These and other stories are told under the gaze of the Watcher, a famous cosmic entity capable of observing all the happenings in all universes.


In this series you will see what happened to the version of the villain Loki presented in Avengers: Ultimatum, who fled New York using the Tesseract.

After the escape, Loki ends up being considered by TVA, an agency that takes care of the different “timelines”, a variant, that is, someone who should not have left his original timeline. From there, he starts to work alongside the TVA to fight a major threat that could destroy the main timeline of the universe. You can watch Loki dubbed and subtitled on Disney Plus.


Wandavision brings the story of two beloved MCU characters, Wanda and Visão. However, Wanda appears to be behaving like a villain, taking an entire city in the interior of the United States and holding its residents hostage. All this so that she can live her peaceful life with her husband, the Synthezoid Vision. You can also watch Wandavision dubbed or subtitled on Disney Plus.

Archer hawk

The Gavião Arqueiro series is the most current on the MCU, with chapters yet to be released. The plot shows Clint Barton, the Hawkeye, living normally his life in New York, until someone starts acting in the streets of the city wearing his old Ronin costume.

From there, he meets the young Kate Bishop and starts to investigate some mysteries involving old acquaintances of Hawkeye, which threaten peace in New York.

Marvel legends

Marvel Legends serves as a preparation for the new MCU movies and series. Before the launch of a new production, Marvel Legends gets an episode that serves as a summary or presentation of the characters and important elements of the plots that will be presented.

Marvel’s 616

This documentary series shows Marvel’s impact on the real world, culture, society and people’s lives. Altogether, there are 8 anthological episodes, covering different perspectives of this impact.

Marvel Studios Onward

Do you like Marvel making of and behind-the-scenes footage? Then Forward is for you. Whenever Marvel launches a new production, at Marvel Studios Avante, we can get a view behind the camera, having a very immersive experience in the creative process of each film and series.