7 Korean Dramas Worth Watching If You’re a Fan of Ji Chang Wook


With the whimsical “Sound of Magic” and now the touching “If You Wish Me,” Ji Chang Wook has been on a roll this year, and fans can’t get enough of the incredibly talented star.

From the hot-tempered emperor to the clumsy, grumpy prosecutor, the 35-year-old actor has done it all in his career. If you’re feeling anxious between new episodes of “If You Wish Me,” here are seven Ji Chang Wook dramas to fill the void!

1. “Empress Ki”

Ji Chang Wook made a breakthrough in his career by playing a role in the 2013 epic historical drama “Empress Ki,” in which he played the hot-tempered emperor of the Yuan Dynasty Ta Hwang. The series tells the story of Empress Kore Ki (Ha Ji Won), who becomes empress after her political marriage to Ta Hwan, to whom she begins to feel affection.

One of the most difficult characters in the series, Ta Hwan is passionate and spontaneous, but overshadowed by an almost childish irritability and naivety, which makes him equally attractive and disappointing. Ji Chang Wook perfectly embodies the character and its subtleties, and it’s no surprise that his role of “Empress Ki” remains one of his most impressive roles to date.

2. “The Healer”

The actor plays a titled Healer in this action-packed drama in which he tries to uncover the truth behind the past. Starting with illegal errands, he soon crosses paths with second-rate reporter Che Yong Shin (Park Min Yong) and star journalist Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae), with whom he investigates the murder of a group of friends in 1992. .

Originally a hermit who dreams of buying an inhabited island to live out his days alone, the Healer begins to fall in love with Yeon Shin. He repeatedly protects her from danger, and as the series progresses, they confront their dark childhood together. From an eccentric hermit to the hero of his own story, Ji Chang Wook plays this role to absolute perfection!

3. “The novice from the gateway”

In this drama about the life of Ji Chang Wook, he plays a convenience store clerk named Choi Dae Hyun, who is struggling to keep the family business afloat. He reluctantly hires Jung Seth Byul (Kim Yoo Jung), whom he initially believes to be a former juvenile delinquent, to work part-time at the store.

Since Ji Chang Wook often plays characters who are more mysterious or highly educated, it’s nice to see him starring as an outsider for once. Throughout “Backstreet Rookie”, Dae Hyun and Seth Belle go through many trials together, from poverty and social ridicule to fraud and bullying. But each time they protect each other and their loved ones, and their feelings for each other become deeper.

4. “Sounds of magic”

Returning to his roots as a musical actor, “Sounds of Magic” is a musical fantasy drama in which Ji Chang Wook takes on the role of a mysterious wizard named Riul. He begins teaching magic to skeptical high school students Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Song Eun) and Na Il Dyn (Hwang In-ep).

A touching story about hope, Riul Ji Chang Wook teaches us to accept our inner child in the “Sounds of Magic”, inspiring all of us to believe in miracles even in the face of life’s troubles. Rioul is also unlike any other role played by the actor, and his image of an eccentric magician is definitely a must-see!

5. “Melt me gently”

Hoping to improve the ratings of their variety show, production director Ma Dong Chan (played by Ji Chang Wook) and radio station employee Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) volunteer for the 1999 cryogenic sleep project, which is designed to freeze their subjects for 24 hours. But by some unknown conspiracy, the participants wake up 20 years after they were put to sleep, finding themselves in a completely different world.

Despite its sci-fi premise, Melt Me Gently is inherently a romantic comedy, and disoriented subjects struggle to adjust to the future while dealing with how much their loved ones have changed, and in doing so they need to maintain a normally low body. temperature to survive. With only each other to talk about their plight, Dong Chan and Mi Ran inevitably have feelings for each other, and their burgeoning romance creates the most delightful hours.

6. “K2”

Action fans will definitely love this political thriller in which Ji Jang Wook plays Kim Jae Ha, a mercenary turned bodyguard hired by the wife of presidential candidate Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah) to avenge another politician for the death of his former mistress. His work soon leads him to Anna (Yuna from Girls’ Generation), the hidden illegitimate daughter of Yoo Jin’s husband.

Much to Yoo Jin’s displeasure, Jae Ha and Anna begin to get closer. Caught in a complex political web and torn between love and revenge, Jae Ha struggles to protect Anna from her stepmother and her father’s political rivals, while realizing his own plans as the two fall more and more in love with each other. Ji Chang Wook is the epitome of courtesy in this fascinating novel!

7. “Suspicious partner”

Last but not least, this is the legal romantic comedy “Suspicious Partner”, which is admittedly one of Ji Chang Wook’s best dramas. The actor plays the hot-tempered, socially awkward prosecutor No Ji-wook, who defends his brash intern Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) in court after she was wrongly accused of murder.

After the incident, they individually decide to change their path and become lawyers. But eventually they work together again, and no matter how much they try to deny it, the couple begins to fall in love with each other. The opposite personalities of Ji Wook and Bon Hee create incredibly funny hours, and a drop of murder mystery makes the situation tense and exciting.

Which Ji Chang Wook drama do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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