7 K-Pop Idols Who Would Make Adorable Parents


There are idols who have shown their love for children and have an aptitude for being good parents. K-Pop idols show us many facets throughout their careers, whether through the concepts they present, whether we see them on or off stage and participating in various shows, but the personality of these guys has made us Believe that some of them could be adorable parents in the future.

There are some idols who are very friendly, patient, funny, or who simply show how cute little children seem to them and who, for that reason, do not hesitate to approach them and have fun with them.

We also see this type of situation when idols welcome a new member into their family and decide to share time with them.

For that reason, here are seven K-Pop idols who have proven to have the skills and ideal personality to become good parents in their future.

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Namjoon has a friendly personality, but he also seems to like children a lot. The idol has been caught living with some little ones and he always looks adorable due to the attention he gives them and the joy he reflects in those moments, so we believe that in the future RM would be a very good father.


GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson has shown very cute scenes with his niece that make us believe that he would make a very adorable dad. But this idol’s parenting skills were also demonstrated when he was a part of season 3 of Let Go Of My Baby, a variety show where Jackson and other guests had to babysit some young children.

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Super Junior’s Donghae

Donghae has shown various facets as an artist throughout his career, but when we see him living with young children, it is impossible for your heart not to melt at the tenderness he transmits, so this idol could not be missing from this list.


IKON’s Yunhyeong

This idol shows all his sweetness when there are small children around him. Yunhyeong always tries to make them smile and has fun playing with them, so we believe that in the future he could also show great skills as a father


MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

How to forget the scenes of Hyungwon babysitting little children playing next to him? Seeing him gently hug them, feed them and play by his side was a moment full of tenderness that showed us a different side of this idol.


EXO’s Kai

Another idol who is likely to be a very good father and extremely lovable is Kai. We have seen this EXO member hang out with children in some programs, in images captured by fans, or in some photos that he shares himself. They all have something in common and it is how cute and happy Kai looks when he is with children.


BTOB’s Minhyuk

This idol has had very cute interactions with some babies that have left all his fans delighted. The sweetness with which Minhyuk holds and interacts with the little ones is unmatched and that is why we believe that he will make a very adorable father.


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