7 K-pop Idols Who Made Their Band More Popular


The K-pop industry is ruthless. Dozens of k-pop bands debut every year, but only a few manage to attract the attention of fans and stay in the industry long enough to fully build their careers. Needless to say, in addition to music, it’s also a battle for popularity. While some groups gain popularity and attention with the help of their agencies, some thanks to the band members!

So here are some of the K-pop idols that have made their bands more popular!

1. Billy Zuki

Billy debuted as part of Mystic Story back in November 2021. Although the band members had already been introduced to the public before their debut due to their participation in survival programs, which had already attracted a large number of fans to them, Japanese member Tsuki helped significantly increase Billy’s popularity.

During the promotion of the band “GingaMingaYo (strange world)”, Tsuki went viral due to her amazing facial expressions, which also increased the popularity of the song.

2. IVE Chan Wonen and Ahn Eugene

IVE debuted back in December 2021 under the label Starship Entertainment. From the very beginning, the group gained huge popularity and established itself as the best female group in the fourth generation. In addition to their fascinating songs, the band also features former IZ*ONE members Chan Wonen and Ahn Eugene.

Both idols were very popular during the promotion with IZ*ONE, so it’s not surprising that their popularity followed after their re-debut with IVE.

3. LE SSERAFIM Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon

LE SSERAFIM debuted back in May of this year. Apart from the controversy surrounding the band at the time, the band attracted attention by being the first female HYBE group to debut after GLAM, as well as the first after Source Music debuted with GFRIEND.

While they only attracted attention to LE SSERAFIM, the popularity of the female group increased dramatically, as it also featured two former members of IZ*ONE, Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chewon!

4. DKZ Dzhechan

DKZ was originally called DONGKIZ and debuted back in April 2019. Since the first days of their debut, the band has not attracted as much attention as one would hope. But it wasn’t until 2022 that the band finally began to attract attention.

An important factor in the growth of DKZ’s popularity was the participant Jechan, who played the main role in the very successful drama BL (boys love) Semantic Error. His newfound fame for his role in the drama eventually led to fans discovering that he was an idol, which drew attention to the group.

5. Lapillus Shanti

MLD Entertainment introduced their female group Lapillus back in June of this year. A group of newcomers attracted considerable attention when it became known that Filipino-Argentinian Chanti would make her debut with Lapillus.

Naturally, thanks to Shanti, the band attracted the attention and support of Filipino fans. Not only that, she also attracted a significant number of fans, as she was already an actress and model in the Philippines before her debut in the group.

Which of the other K-pop idols do you know, did they help increase the popularity of their group?

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