7 interesting music documentaries you can enjoy …


Discover these entertaining documentaries on Netflix that combine cinema and music perfectly.

Music moves millions of emotions and feelings, audiences around the world connect with their favorite artist in an incredible way thanks to their life stories, the message they want to convey or their charisma.

Artists of international stature and from all kinds of musical genres have decided to open the doors of their homes, studios and life to their fans. Music documentaries are interesting because the viewer can get to know the circumstances surrounding their favorite stars a little more closely.

Many singers who want to share their life or an important process in their careers have a documentary. From biographies to the explanation of their success, these documentaries, in addition to entertaining you, will allow you to discover unknown facets of these musicians.


American Miss
Taylor Swift narrates in this documentary how she lived a few days before releasing her album ‘Lover’ and the process of being a composer, lyricist and arranger of her albums, showing herself as is.

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Beyoncé is one of the most important and professional soloists in music, this documentary tells the story of her iconic performance at the Coachella festival and how the singer of ‘DIVA’ balances her life between her career and her intimate life.

John and Yoko: Above us only sky
This documentary features unpublished interviews of the pair of musicians who were working on one of the music industry’s best-selling and most famous record materials, ‘Imagine’.


Whitney: Can I Be Me
The American singer captures her life over an hour and 40 minutes, this documentary takes a tour of her long career and tragic disappearance.

The Birth of Coll: The Miles Davis Story and His Music
Miles Davis is considered one of the great exponents of jazz music, his contribution to culture is explained in this documentary, with unpublished material and interviews with celebrities, the life of the American musician is narrated.

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Gaga: Five Foot Two
In this documentary, the pop star shows how she prepares to release an album and the creative process she went through in order to present herself at halftime of the ‘Super Bowl’.


Lil Pep: Everydoby´s Everything
This documentary, directed by Sebastian Jones and Ramez Silyan, reveals the musical rise of Lil Peep and how his deep lyrics captured the attention of the public in an incredible way.

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