7 interesting facts you didn’t know about Billie Eilish


Although Billie Eilish is one of the most popular singers of the moment that does not mean that you know her completely.And here we bring you 7 curious facts about her!

Billie Eilish has positioned herself as one of the youngest, most successful and popular artists within the music industry, where several of her singles have not only topped the best music charts but have become favorites for millions of people around the world. .

Her fame has placed her in the spotlight practically 24 hours a day, and although we know each of the activities she does, that does not mean that we know everything about this young star. And that is why here we bring you 7 curious facts about her.



But first, let’s remember that Billie Eilish has managed to conquer her audience not only because of her talent, but also because she has a unique personality which has been reflected in her music, style and character.

7 fun facts about Billie Eilish

Although you have followed this artist since its inception, here are 7 curious facts about her that you may not have known:

1.- From the age of 11, Billie Eilish discovered her musical talent by being part of a choir in Los Angeles, at which time she also began to develop other skills such as writing her own songs.

2.- Her song “Ocean Eyes”, written by her brother Finneas, was originally created for the dance academy of which she was a member; however the result was so amazing that they decided to upload it to “SoundCloud”, where it received hundreds of positive reactions.

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3.- Billie Eilish has always had the help of her brother Finneas to write and produce her songs, even he was responsible for the 14 songs on her debut album.

4.- On several occasions, this famous singer has declared that she likes to wear ‘oversize’ clothes to avoid being judged for her physical complexion.

5.- For some time it has been known that Billie Eilish suffers from Tourette syndrome, a condition that according to the artist herself has helped her to have a better relationship with her fans.

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6.- During an interview she revealed that her first platonic love was Justin Bieber.

7. Some of her songs became part of the soundtrack of the famous Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”.


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