7 important tactics to follow when an imposter Among Us


Among Us has become a successful game in which you must discover the impostor, one of the most important figures. On some occasion, you could be the impostor and that is why it is convenient to know a series of tricks to try to go as unnoticed as possible .

The aim of the impostor in Among Us is to annihilate the rest of the crew in a stealthy way , trying to make sure no one can realize your role. If, on the other hand, you are a normal player, there are other details to look at to discover who the impostor is .

It can be a bit complicated at first, the point is to practice every time that chance chooses you as an imposter, it is about hunting down everyone else without having a slightest suspicion, a task that you can perfect the more you play in Among Us, in the end it’s about winning by being an imposter or a crew member .

Turn off the light or remove the communications

In the Among Us map, there is the possibility of making the power go out , a task that can only be performed by the impostor, without others knowing who it was. This is the ideal moment to annihilate some of the crew of the ship without anyone knowing.

Without light you can’t see anything, you have to take advantage of that precise moment to try to kill one or more crew members if possible. You will have to be very careful in case they discover you, the rest are probably following your movements and if when someone turns the light back on they see you in another place, they may suspect that you may be the impostor.

Then there is also the sabotage of the cancellation of communications that supposes not being able to do tasks, it can only be activated by the impostor like the one with light, so take advantage of that moment to kill, although be more careful than in the first case.

Act like you’re just another gamer

Another question if you have to be an impostor by order of chance, act like another player . Pretend that you perform tasks inside the ship, you do not have to make them effective, but it will help you to go more unnoticed and it will take more time before they discover you.

Do not take too long, do them quickly or do not stop doing some, any circumstance of the three can give you away.

This is also applicable if you are currently using Among Us and Discord together to talk while you play, you will also have to contain the language to avoid that those who listen to you can suspect you and corroborate that you could be the impostor.

Traps – Use With Care

There are a series of strategically located hatches , but they can only be used equally by the impostor, you should be very careful if you need to use them since if someone sees you they will discover you as the traitor.

The hatches or ventilation slits allow the impostor to move quickly through the different areas of the Among Us map, in these intervals you can kill and quickly move away from the crime area. Being a great advantage, it has its negative part, use them carefully and when you realize that no one may be seeing you.

Try not to be alone with another player

An obvious action that being an impostor should never do, for example, being to the right of the map with only 1 or 2 other players because the rest may suspect that you are the impostor and also the other partner, especially if they see that kill any of them.

They can accuse you of being the impostor and then the game ends for you because you have been discovered by the players in the survey that opens to determine who is the traitor of the ship that may be annihilating everyone else.

Go with the flow in the voting

The time for voting will come, at that moment everyone will begin to analyze who the impostor or impostors of the current game may be. The question is to go with the flow of the rest of the people and vote for who they think could be the impostor who is killing the others.

That is, if you do not agree with anyone and you vote for someone else, then the others will know that you are the imposter because otherwise you would vote like them. Going with the flow is a good strategy , but don’t always throw away this possibility because it can raise suspicions.

Create critical sabotage

Being an impostor, try to create sabotage in different places on the map so that the rest of the crew can fix it (remove light, communications, etc.), for example, if you are on the right while you are located on the left, everything will run to repair it.

You will have to take advantage of that moment to annihilate a player in the game, while they are going there or simply hiding in a corner without being seen, behind a wall, etc. If you see that they may suspect you, you can also go to help repair it.

There are some quite critical ones, such as the reactor or the lack of oxygen in the ship that must also be repaired quickly, although in this case, since they are especially important tasks, if they are not repaired in time they will give the impostor victory.

The security room

There is a room in Among Us where you can perfectly carry out your impostor plan, kill the rest of the players. The security room is an area from where you could hide from watching what is happening in the 4 cameras scattered throughout the corridors of the map.

While you are simulating you are viewing them, be alert in case someone arrives , at that moment take the opportunity to annihilate the crew member and then you can quickly go through the hatch. Regarding the cameras, be careful not to kill someone within the angle of focus of the cameras as you could be discovered as the imposter of Among Us.

Being an impostor in Among Us is not an easy task, at first it will be difficult for you to put all these tips into practice, but you will perfect the technique the more times chance determines that you are this character, so put them into practice when it is so so that you do not find out.


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