7 Important Tactics To Follow When An Imposter Among Us


Among Us has been very hot lately. We can say that the most enjoyable part of the game is being an Imposter. We have included Imposter tactics in our content so that you can achieve success more easily.

Released in 2018 for both PC and mobile, Among Us has grown in popularity over the past few months, making it one of the most played games on both the computer and mobile platform. As such, players started to research how to play Among Us, how we can use tactics.

Among Us is a game where you can easily achieve success without using cheats, even with a few tactics. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Among Us is being an Imposter. If you are looking for information that can be useful when you are an Imposter, the content in which we include Among Us Imposter tactics is for you.

Tactics for Imposter Among Us:

Look like you’re doing the tasks.
Sabotage things as best you can.
Pay close attention to the cameras.
Don’t kill those who accuse you right away.
Earn the trust of your team members.
Blame the person who caught you red-handed.
Move wisely while running.

Look like you’re doing tasks

As you know when you are an imposter, you do not need to do the task. However, instead, you have to pretend to be on duty so that you are not recognized as an Imposter so that your teammates will see you as “Crewmate”. Thanks to the fake missions given to you and shown on the map, your job becomes easier, you can keep up with the environment more easily.

In each round you have “Common Tasks”, that is, common tasks with your other teammates. So you have to pretend to be doing these common tasks in order not to get noticed. As an imposter, you cannot do these tasks, but you can turn this situation in your favor. You can easily neutralize your teammates when no one is around by following them.

Sabotage things as best you can

If you sabotage the doors, you will cause that door to lock for ten seconds. Thus, anyone can neither enter nor go out of that room. As an imposter, you kill team members easily and without getting caught. For example, if someone sees you exiting the ventilation, they will go to the Emergency Room to press the button. By closing the doors of that room, you can kill him before he can get there.

When you sabotage the lights, the views of others are restricted, while the views of the Imposter remain intact. Thus, there is an opportunity to catch and kill them. Also, if you sabotage the O2 room, the countdown starts and in order to stop this countdown, PIN codes must be entered in two separate places before the time runs out. If they can’t stop the alarm until the countdown is over, you win. The same is true when sabotaging the reactor, as with O2.

Pay close attention to the cameras

There are cameras in four of the corridors in the game. Thus, team members can watch what others are doing thanks to the cameras placed in the Admin room on the map. The way to tell if you are being watched by these tiny but effective cameras is quite simple.

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If the red light is on when you look at the camera, it means you are being watched by someone or someone in the Admin room. So don’t kill team members even if nobody has passed through there for a long time or if you don’t see anyone around, you can be caught in a state of love.

Don’t kill your accusers right away

During the meeting, someone who accuses you will surely come out. Do not pursue and try to kill him just because he accused you. If the person who accused you is found dead after the team member accused you, you will have turned his eyes on you. Instead, keep pretending that you are one of them, without ever noticing. If it’s coming after you, allow it for a period of time and continue to pretend you’re doing your duties.

Besides, do not fail to report the people you killed. Report the people you killed occasionally, if you do not report any dead, you will start to attract attention after a while.

Earn the trust of your team members

As the game progresses, you may need someone to vouch for you after a while. He may say that you are innocent and turn his eyes away, but first of all, you need to give that person confidence and persuade.

Let’s say you’re alone in a room with someone from Crewmate. Moreover, your time to kill someone has expired and there is no one around. In such a situation, killing someone seems very logical, right? If you have more ways to win and more team members to kill, it would be better to pretend to be a team member rather than kill that person. That way, you can sometimes appear to be on his side and gain his trust.

Blame the person who caught you red-handed

Let’s say you caught a suitable environment and killed someone, but someone from a place you never expected came across and saw you. It doesn’t matter who reported the body. Now all you have to do is convince yourself that the main culprit is not you, but the person who caught you.

It is useful to think about the accusations against you and answer them with a good excuse, because without understanding what happened, they voted for you. If the person who saw you and the person who saw you survived this vote, do not kill him immediately. If you kill him and he turns out not to be guilty, you will automatically be guilty.

Move wisely while running

Let’s say you killed someone, now the last thing you want is for someone to see you near the corpse. So try to leave the scene as fast as possible. Fortunately, you can move around quickly and easily thanks to the ventilation. However, it is useful to consider that; As long as you stay in the vent or hide, your waiting time for killing another person will not decrease.

Sabotage of the O2 or Reactor while escaping can be used to steer multiple people in the opposite direction and not attract attention. Thanks to the sabotage lights, you are less likely to be seen when leaving that area. Alternatively, you can report the dead yourself, although at risk. You may only get attention if you do this too often, so it’s better to do it occasionally.



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