7 idols with looks that will scare you


Meet idols with the most intimidating looks. A look says more than a thousand words, it is also believed that they are the door of the soul. The eyes can keep secrets, sometimes they say that how much they shine is because we are happy or in love, but they also reveal our sadness and deep pain, even if we hide it very well.


K-pop idols have great talent and personality that have conquered the fans, but also their physical characteristics make more than one sigh … or make them tremble. The force of their gaze can make them seem intimidating or serious, very different from their way of being, their expressions are so striking and sometimes dark.

They might make you nervous if they look at you, but they are actually cute and funny on the inside, but when it comes to adopting a confident and powerful image on stage they are the best. We leave you a list with 7 Idols with intimidating looks that will make you shiver.


The idol of BTS has very slanted eyes and they give him a cute look, although that does not detract from his gaze.



The Red Velvet member has one of the prettiest and most elegant faces in K-pop, her gaze is intriguing and intense, she can seem intimidating, but her personality is very cute.



The BLACKPINK idol is also known for being one of the most attractive in the industry, as well as faces for brands like Chanel. Her gaze is strong and intimidating and may make you feel nervous, but she is very cute.


Jackson Wang

Despite having a playful and joking personality, GOT7’s Jackson can intimidate you with his gaze, his brown eyes are deep and could make you nervous in a second.



The SHINee member may seem cute, but his gaze might make you nervous, his eyes are very striking and deep.



SEVENTEEN’s idol has small, slanted eyes, but they look so dark and intimidating, his gaze can catch you and make him look like a serious guy, but he’s a lot of fun.



The ITZY idol can seem intimidating, her huge black eyes could catch you and make you feel nervous, although the strength of her gaze contrasts with her cute way of being.

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