7 idols with killer arms that will make you sigh


The K-pop idols with the sexiest arms you’ll ever see. The training of a Korean star involves many things, from strengthening talents in their voice, rap and dance, as well as a great physical condition to be able to keep up during the presentations, since the choreography implies a great effort and synchrony.

There are some members of Korean pop groups who spend a good time at the gym and have routines that will make you sweat without even moving a muscle, due to the effort involved, not only due to repetitions, but also because of the weight they use to power develop your body over time.

Some of them focus on the back, legs, chest and arms, the latter stand out when they wear shirts, muscular or short-sleeved shirts, giving them an aura of strength and intimidation that will make you sigh or fear if you get in trouble with them. LOL


Tattoos also add a sexier touch to their muscle tone and you will want to see them wearing sleeveless shirts at every opportunity to appreciate their physical attractiveness. We leave you a list of 7 idols with killer arms that will make you sigh … or wish for a bear hug.


Super Junior’s Donghae

The idol is characterized by having a very healthy diet, in addition to workout routines that have strengthened and developed his body, allowing him to show off attractive muscular arms that will make you want to have a Donghae hug.


Jackson Wang

He has always been known for having a great body, since he practiced fencing since he was young, so he has always had a good muscle tone that has made more than one sigh and his arms are no exception.

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The idol has also invested his time in the gym and the results are impressive, as his muscle mass has increased over time and he sports one of the most athletic bodies in K-pop.


Chanyeol EXO

With his height and great physique, Chanyeol looks intimidating, especially when he has obtained muscular arms as a result of his training, the aura of protection that he generates will make you want a hug from him.


Jimin from BTS

Jimin’s studies in dance have allowed his body to look aesthetic, although he does not have a huge muscle tone, his arms look very well defined, marked and strong, which gives him an attractive appearance.


INIFNITE’s Woohyun

He is another of the idols with a great muscular volume, he has even starred in some sports magazines in their Korean edition. A hug from him can make you disappear. LOL


NU’EST Baekho

The idol has surprised more than one with his great muscle tone, his arms stand out attractively to anyone, since he has dedicated enough time to the gym, in addition, with his tattoos he looks much sexier.


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