7 GOT7 songs that are second to none for fans


GOT7’s songs have conquered fans around the world, but there are some melodies that have a special place in the hearts of AHGASES.

After several years of career in the K-Pop industry, GOT7 has experimented with various concepts, musical styles, and dance styles, little by little they have found what the group’s musical color is and they show it in each comeback. But although time passes, there are several songs of this group that are still some of the favorites for fans.

In some cases, GOT7’s songs earn this place in the fandom for the message behind the lyrics, the choreography, the feelings they convey, or the moments the idols have gifted to their followers, but regardless of the reason, all of these melodies became insurmountable.

Although each GOT7 song is special to its fans, there are some that stand out and remain key references to meet this talented idol group, do you already have a melody in mind?



This sweet melody is part of one of the most emotional moments in GOT7 concerts and every fan can understand why. It’s about a song about missing someone and the kind of relationship they once had, but it also reflects the hope of getting back together.


A song from the first eras of the group and that, although for a time the members of the group did not want to remember their looks during these promotions, now they have put a twist on this melody by creating a new version with even more powerful dance steps and a slightly dark aura that GOT7 fans loved.


Thank You is a very special song for the GOT7 fandom, it was written by Jinyoung and has an extremely meaningful message, as it is a thank you to the fans who have consistently supported them throughout their career. Thank You reflects the relationship between GOT7 and their fans where they are both grateful for each other and hope that they can always give them their best.

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When it comes to energetic songs, Page is one of the best. This melody was composed by JB and Jackson participates in the performance of the choir giving it a very special touch of strength. It was a favorite during the Spinning Top era and both idols and fans showed that they would have liked this song to be part of promotions, but they were able to perform it live during various awards and the group’s tour.


This song is one of DYE’s B-Sides, GOT7’s latest record material. It was written by Youngjae and had a great reception among the fans, for that reason, it was included in the presentations of musical shows and also had its own video with Dingo, where the members of the idol group danced with their eyes covered to create a very seductive setting.


You Calling My Name was the title song for one of their most recent albums, it showed a side of the GOT7 members that fans had been hoping to see for a long time. The song received great support in promotions and featured unique choreography.


This energetic song is iconic for its place in GOT7 shows. The melody was part of the album Flight Log: Arrival and now it is part of the concerts as the main melody of the encore, in a space where GOT7 lives with their fans from the stage and creates their own party within each venue.


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