7 female K-pop idols who look amazing without makeup

Discover what these 7 female K-pop idols look like without any makeup.

Makeup is one of the elements that distinguish K-pop, since for this musical style there are no genres to create works of art on the face, male singers and female interpreters use it equally.

Korean makeup companies have become a success thanks to the phenomenon of K-pop, that’s why many people follow the latest trends and launches of cosmetics promoted by idols.

In the Korean pop industry there are many female idols who are characterized by their beauty and talent, they are greatly admired for their powerful visuals, on and off stage, many fans are impressed by their beauty.

Many of these idols look fantastic without a drop of makeup or cosmetics, either because of their genetic heritage, their skincare routines, or simply because their faces are very angelic.


IU is one of the idols who, when she travels, shows herself to the natural, also when she has days off or is caught living with her friends, she gets very fresh skin.

Give to

The former 2NE1 member has become one of the most important presenters of Korean programs, but since her debut was characterized by her visual, Dara is often shown without a drop of makeup, revealing her well-groomed skin.



The SM Entertainment idol has a unique beauty, but the SNSD singer has a face that does not need any type of cosmetic or makeup.

TWICE’s Jihyo

The TWICE leader takes great care of her face with different products, Jihyo has spectacular skin that does not need makeup.


Irene from RED VELVET

Irene is one of the idols that is distinguished by her white skin, the SM Entertainment singer has a beauty routine that allows her to show her face without the need for makeup.


Despite the fact that the BLACKPINK idol is a big fan of cosmetics, she likes to show herself natural on her social networks and has published images that reveal her face without any trace of makeup.

Hwasa from Mamamoo

The younger member of Mamamoo is very confident in her personality and talent, on multiple occasions Hwasa has let her fans see her healthy face with a special shine without makeup.


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