7 curiosities of Itaewon Class that will make you remember this drama


7 curiosities of Itaewon Class that will make you remember this drama. The drama Itaewon Class left us great teachings, relive all of them with these curious facts about the series.

The drama starring Park Seo Won and Kim Da Mi under the name Itaewon Class , managed to catch our hearts while it was broadcast, relive the best moments with these curiosities about history.

With a plot full of signs of hope and motivation to never give up, Itaewon Class became a favorite this year, gaining popularity on Korean television and also via the Netflix streaming platform.


Park Seo Won is an actor who, in addition to being handsome and popular, has known how to demonstrate his skills for the performance of many characters, so the mere fact of appearing in a production, already arouses the interest of a large audience.

But Itaewon Class not only had a good cast but also a whole team that made it possible for the story to shine on its own and arouse the emotion of the public.


If you have not managed to leave this drama behind and acquired the teachings that this endearing story showed you, now find out some curious facts that will lead you to appreciate it even more:

  1. With more and more dramas being created from successful webtoons, Itaewon Class was no exception. This story of the same name was written by Jo Gwang Jin in 2016 and posted on the Daum Webtoon Company site.
  2. Unlike other drama adaptations, the script for this story was written by the original Webtoon writer.
  3. The direction of the drama was in charge of the same person who directed dramas such as Big and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
  4. The production of this drama was in charge of Showbox, a company that generally only deals with creating movies, so Itaewon Class was his first project for dramas.
  5. Park Seo Won was motivated to participate in the drama after learning about his character’s description, and later noted that one of his favorite script lines was: ‘ I want to live a life where I don’t have to be. punished for my convictions . ‘
  6. OST Itaewon Class has great figures, but the song was performed by Night Sweet V of BTS , the melody that managed to excel in the chart of iTunes around the world.
  7. Kim Da Mi read the webtoon in just three days, and was so surprised by Jo Yi Seo’s quirk that she didn’t hesitate to take on the role.


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