7 Christmas Specials And Movies To Watch On Disney+


Disney+: With the end of the year festivities coming, the Christmas spirit is taking over our home, the Christmas tree is being assembled and the desire to watch a Christmas classic also arises.

And the Disney Plus catalog, in addition to containing great productions and movies and series for all styles, also offers lots of specials and Christmas movies to enjoy together with the people you care about most at this time of year.

If you ever feel like watching a movie with a Merry Christmas message, take advantage of our suggestions and then log in to your Disney Plus account to enjoy these hits!

Jack’s wierd world

Although he resides in a world of darkness brought about by Halloween, the eccentric Jack Skeleton wanted to go further, also knowing what Christmas could bring him and his friends. In this way, he tries to meet Santa Claus to help him in his endeavor, even if the good old man is frightened by his peculiarities and believes that the nightmare can scare the children.

Beauty and the Beast’s Enchanted Christmas

Despite the Beast being traumatized by Christmas, Bela wants to turn the situation around, and so starts to decorate the castle in the best possible way, with the help of all the talking objects. And even with this attempt, her great love may remain discouraged, given that Forte, a villain who abhors the Christmas celebration, is interested in destroying any and all chances of happiness between the couple.

It happened on Mickey’s Christmas

This special in anthology format will feature several Christmas stories from characters like Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and others. It is noticeable how some of the narratives found in this production have Christmas trees scattered all over the place, as well as a lot of magic and adventure. They are light and very fun plots, made thinking of all ages, which will send a very important message.