7 Cases Where Robotics Surprised The World In 2021


Robotics: It’s finally arrived at that time of year when all we need to do is remember the best we’ve been through in the past few weeks. Soon the whole world will say goodbye to 2021 and thus wait for impressive news that will certainly be released publicly.

This year, technological advances in the robotics industry have provided a lot of talk for people who have even been blown away by some unexpected bizarreness. So, check out some of the cases with the most amazing robots of 2021 below!

1. Fantastic realism

Recently, the android known as Ameca was introduced to the world through the British company Engineered Arts. In an even frightening way, the robot in question manages to have facial expressions very similar to those of humans. In the video above, you can check out some of the fluidity of Ameca’s movements when simulating a person who has just woken up.

Through social networks, several Internet users shared their impressions about the novelty, including amazement at realizing how the technology has advanced to the point of producing effects previously seen only in movies, as well as speculation about how incredible the future could be.

2. The armed robot dog

Another case seen in the last quarter involves the invention of Ghost Robotics, which developed a special-purpose rifle. To demonstrate its power, the armament in question was coupled to a quadruped robot, which affectionately refers to man’s best friend. The Vision 60 was on display during a US Army convention and left everyone in the room shocked by what they witnessed.

This was also due to the rifle used by the robot, nicknamed the SPUR. According to the company, it can hit targets at a distance of up to 1.2 km. In the United States, these robotic dogs have already been integrated into the army, participating in operations since 2020.

3. Sports robot

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, postponed until the middle of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, made the whole world become connected in countless sports. Even at the event, a sports robot appeared during one of the breaks in the basketball game between the United States and France to amuse the fans.

With almost two meters in height, the robot developed by Toyota managed to hit all the shots to the basket it proposed. Check out more details of the moment in the video above.

4. A robotic beer?

Another surprising case involves Boston Dynamics robot Spot, who is also a quadruped and was “trained” by YouTuber Michael Reeves to “pee” beer. That’s right!

As seen in the video above, this electronic mascot was equipped to provide this drink to its owner in a curious way, through a kind of urethra created especially for this action. Despite being unusual, the idea seems to have not worked out as well as expected in its testing phase.

5. Amazon Wall-E

You’ve probably already seen Pixar’s animated Wall-E (2008), right? This robot developed by Amazon is very reminiscent of the title character of the film in question, but its main purpose is to deal with domestic problems, which includes handling commands for people who need special care, such as the elderly, for example.

Known as Astro, the robot will always be alert and available to its owner, even when he is away. The novelty, equipped with artificial intelligence, also integrates with other creations on the network, such as some Alexa functions.

6. Xiaomi’s CyberDog

Another company engaged in developing its own robot in 2021 was Xiaomi, famous mainly for its smartphones. Apparently inspired by the creations of Boston Dynamics, the company warned that the model consisted of a test prototype that would serve to improve technologies. As such, CyberDog unfortunately did not become available for people to buy.

Despite this, Xiaomi seems to have managed to revolutionize some issues regarding robotics, especially for all the functions presented by its invention.

7. A personal assistant

And to close the list, we could not fail to mention the Tesla Bot, a robot created to assist in manual tasks and, thus, be available to humans in various activities. According to the automaker, this personal assistant can be used in various sectors, such as offices and factories, in addition to the consumers’ own homes.

During an event to present the model, Elon Musk, CEO of the company, spoke about all the technical specifications of the android, which has characteristics very similar to our body.