7 Billie Eilish Top Notes That Show Off Her Great Talent


Relive the best high notes of Billie Eilish and be conquered by the talent of the singer. The Florida native managed to achieve success thanks to the covers she performed with her brother Finneas O’Conell. Since then, both became the formula for success and managed to win their first GRAMMY at the beginning of the year, he as producer and she for “Best Album of the Year”, among others, being the youngest artist in music to obtain these trophies .

With singles like “Bad Guy”, “The Party’s over”, “Ocean Eyes”, among others, the singer has topped the charts like Billboard, selling more than a million of her debut album and being a musical phenomenon. Billie Eilish has also made her debut in the cinema thanks to her song “No time to die”, to score the film of the super-secret agent “James Bond”.

Billie Eilish’s stage presence not only stands out for her ethereal beauty, characteristic outfits and her neon hair, it also stands out thanks to her voice, her great talent, which manages to create the perfect environment to enjoy her nostalgic and raw lyrics that she they have become a world star.

Billie Eilish’s voice has great stability, not only to sing soft and slow songs, but also to harmonize with her brother and to reach the high notes that capture all the feeling of her music. We leave you a list with 7 high notes that demonstrate the talent of Billie Eilish.


Besides remembering her vocal talents, you can also take a walk through Billie Eilish’s childhood with these memories from her youth.

No time to die

It is the first OST that Billie Eilish makes for the cinema with the movie “James Bond” and presented it at the Oscars. This song defines the talent of the singer by reaching a very clean high note that makes it clear why she is a musical phenomenon.

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Ocean eyes

One of the favorite songs of the fans, the singer always creates a nostalgic aura in her concerts when she performs it, especially when she comes to the part of the choir where she mentions the title of the song, without a doubt, at her age she has managed to captivate thousands of fans with his voice.


Her collaboration with Khalid has shown that she is a great star who collaborates with the greatest, despite having a slow rhythm, this song perfectly harmonizes the voices of both, achieving perfect and clean notes that make your skin crawl.


A Michael Jackson cover she performed a cappella, once again demonstrating the reach of her voice for the high notes, creating a perfect acoustic presentation in honor of the King of music. Billie Eilish has by far the best tuning.

Thinkin bout you

It was one of the first videos she shared with her brother, showing why they are the perfect formula for success. Her vocs match perfectly and from a young age she demonstrated her ability to hit high notes.

When the party’s over

One of her biggest successes, during her promotions she has performed the song a cappella, showing that her vocal ability is her only tool to delight the public, as she creates the perfect aura to make your skin crawl with her high notes.


One of her most danceable and fun songs, Billie Eilish has shown that she has the ability to maintain her voice, while dancing at the same time, without losing the pitch and range of the notes.


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