7 Baekhyun Quotes That Will Make You Suck With Love


Some Baekhyun songs have phrases that melt your heart, the musical career of the EXO member is so extensive that there are songs for every occasion.

Baekhyun is one of the most outstanding voices in the entire Korean music industry, the idol of the SM Entertainment company has an enviable vocal range, adapting to any style and genre.

The K-pop artist from the city of Bucheon in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea began his career with the group EXO, years later, he published he could know his soloist side with the release of the CD ‘City Lights’.

‘Delight’, Baekhyun’s second solo album, had over a million sales, managing to set a new brand for soloists. Recently, the release of the singer’s first Japanese record material was announced, which has fans very excited.

This time we bring you 7 phrases that come from Baekhyun’s solo songs, let the interpreter of ‘Bad Dream’ conquer you with his deep words and romantic reflections. Owww.

We have to be romantic, it’s time for that, even if you already knew that feeling, I’ll take the initiative

UN Village.

It’s like I’m lost inside my memory, I’m used to it, but you have to listen to me, you have to trust my eyes


I want to be always and clear, I want to adjust only to your tastes, I will give you something original, I know how complicated you are


I can’t stop it, I just follow my heart, our love race will never end

Love Again.

Someday I’ll give it all to you, I can’t let you go, I bet you we’re destined, I’m going to have you, my luck won’t get any worse

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It seems that little by little you are showing me the meaning of your eyes little by little, how many poems could I write about them?


All I want to do is live in your heart but you know your heart is a maze, you shine like a diamond, you know you do


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