7 Android apps for Minecraft that steal money


Avast discovers a ‘Fleeceware’ campaign in the Play Store with various applications for the popular Minecraft. Born almost a decade ago, the truth is that Minecraft seems to have been by our side for half a lifetime. First on PC, then on mobile phones and later on consoles of the past and current generation, both desktop and portable, Minecraft was like Pokémon GO a game that transcended its market and became a phenomenon. And it is also an attractive target to mount a malware campaign around it.


A relatively new category of cybercrime, ‘Fleeceware’ is a type of malware that offers users an attractive service, usually for a short, free three-day trial period. After that, the app will automatically and subtly start charging excessive amounts, up to $ 30 per week.

According to Avast experts, “scammers hope that the user will forget about the installed application and its short trial period, or that they will not realize the real price of the subscription. The reviews will have a lot of reviews ranging from 1 to 5 stars, but none will be average, with a low star rating overall. And this is what happened to Minecraft.

Apps that steal money from you on Android

In its latest report, Avast has warned about a wave of malicious mobile apps on the Google Play Store targeting Android version Minecraft fans in particular. These “fleeceware” apps offer new looks / skins, colorful wallpapers or modifications to the game, charging users a disproportionate amount of dollars per week and per month. Avast has reported seven of these applications to Google, “and as of this publication, all are still active.”

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According to Avast, “young children are particularly at risk because they may think they are innocently downloading a Minecraft accessory, but they do not understand or pay attention to the details of the service they subscribe to.” If you have installed an app that you suspect may be fleeceware, it is not enough to uninstall it. You must cancel the subscription directly in the Android store like this:

Google Play Store> Menu in the upper left corner> Subscription

Here are the 7 apps that are still active, the number of downloads they have and the amount of money they can charge you. We put the link so you can check if you have any installed already:

– MasterCraft for Minecraft: Over 1 million downloads, $ 30 (€ 25.38) per week

– Master for Minecraft: Over 1 million downloads, $ 30 per week

– Skins, Mods, Maps for Minecraft PE: Over 1 million downloads, $ 30 per week

– Boys and Girls Skins: Over 1 million downloads, $ 30 per week

– Skins for Roblox: Over 1 million downloads, $ 30 per week

– Maps Skins and Mods for Minecraft: Over 100,000 downloads, $ 30 per week

– Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Background: More than 100,000 downloads, $ 90 (€ 76.14) per year


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