7 altcoins pregnant with important developments this week


There are significant developments in 7 altcoins today and in the coming days: AVAX, CHZ, LSK, ONT, STX, SRM and ARDR.

The current decline of Bitcoin has caused altcoins to lose value in double digits. The fact that Bitcoin continues at least in a horizontal course may allow some altcoins to rebound somewhat with the important developments awaiting them. What do we have this week?

Avalanche (AVAX)

The long-awaited Avalanche is finally transitioning to mainnet today. Although the Avalanche platform has not yet been mainstream, many major exchanges have reported their readiness to list AVAX. These exchanges include OKEx, Huobi, Gate.io and CoinEx. In the coming days, it is predictable that larger players such as Binance and Coinbase will also start listing AVAX.

Chiliz (CHZ)

It looks like this week will be active for Chiliz. In the statement made on September 1 on Socios.com, it was stated that several token supply announcements will be made on September 22. Dreyfus recently reported that after Trabzonspor, more Turkish clubs are on their way. Who knows, maybe one of them would be Fenerbahçe.

Lisk (LSK)

Lisk has a halving this week, the block prize halving. The said halving will take place on September 27, estimated. Block rewards will be reduced from 2 LSK to 1 LSK. Halving takes place every year at Lisk and the award is reduced by 1 LSK each year. The project has been active since 2016.

Ontology (ONT)

In the statement made by Ontology’s official Twitter account last month, it was stated that decentralized identity solutions based on Ontology blockchain will be showcased at the Startup Autobahn fair. It was also stated that the solutions prepared for an automobile giant will also be shown. The fair will start on September 23.

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Blockstack (STX)

Blockstack is progressing towards the main network step by step. The project team predicts that the launch date will likely be in the autumn months. According to the team, after the Krypton launch, a more accurate forecast can be made. Krypton is expected to be deployed on September 24.

Serum (SRM)

Serum’s SRM token, defined as the world’s first fully decentralized derivatives exchange, will be burned this week. Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of the FTX exchange and Serum, said last week that the first SRM purchase / burning will be done this week.

Ardor (ARDR)

Today is an important day for ARDR, a medium-sized crypto currency with its market value. According to the co-founder’s statement, the hard fork of the Ardor blockchain, planned months ago, will take place today.


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