7 Altcoin Projects That Have Wreaked Havoc From November 19th To November 26th


We take a look at the latest price movements and critical support/resistance levels of 7 altcoin projects that have wreaked havoc from November 19th to November 26th. Analyst Valdrin Tahiri accompanies us…

  1. Gala (GALA): 180.0%
  2. Zcash (ZEC): 60.17%
  3. The Sandbox (SAND): 59.20%
  4. Basic Attention Token (BAT): 41.26%
  5. Crypto.com (CRO): 33.27%
  6. Horizen (ZEN): 24.69%
  7. Elrond (EGLD): 24.24%

Altcoin GALA ranks first with 180%

GALA has been rising strongly since November 15th. However, it formed a long upper wick that is considered a sign of selling pressure. If the move continues on the downside, the $0.50 area could act as support.

ZEC has been increasing rapidly over the past seven days. So far, it has reached the annual ATH of $330. A move above this area could greatly accelerate the rise. The support level is $205.

SAND reached the level of 7.77 dollars, which ATH on November 25. But its price has been dropping since then. If the downside continues, the first area of ​​support is $5.27 to $6.03.

On November 26, BAT reached the ATH level of $1.86. However, it has since been falling, forming a long upper wick of 19%. It could retest its local tops, according to the analyst

CRO has been moving upwards, ending a 124-day correction period since June 22. The nearest support area is $0.64, which is the 0.382 Fib retracement level.

On November 26, ZEN reached $138.31 but fell sharply on the same day. According to the analyst, it is very important to hold the $108 zone for the upside movement to continue. Then, the May ATH of $153 can be expected.

EGLD has been increasing rapidly since November 15th. However, it turned bearish after its ATH of $544.2 on November 23. The main support area is $358-$400 formed by the 0.382-0.5 Fib retracement support levels.