$ 7.6 Billion Crypto Money Has Been Stolen Since 2011


A research firm called Crystal Blockchain announced that hackers have stolen a total of $ 7.6 billion worth of cryptocurrencies since 2011. During the research, money stolen from both hacked exchanges and fraudulent investors were taken into account.

The company called Crystal Blockchain in the Netherlands has prepared the balance sheet of hacking attacks and fraud cases in the cryptocurrency world. In the research, 2.8 billion due to hacking attacks; It was learned that $ 4.8 billion worth of money was stolen due to fraud cases.

PlusToken emphasis led the way

According to Crystal Blockchain research, cryptocurrency fraudsters have put even greater emphasis on hackers so far. It has been announced that the fraudsters, who stole $ 4.8 billion in total, have affected investors in China the most so far.

Ranking them according to their emphasis, the company put PlusToken, a happiness chain, which made a $ 2.9 billion worth of profits in the first place. This China-based happiness chain was followed by another China-based project, WoToken. It has been stated that WoToken has committed $ 1 billion in robberies so far.

Hack attacks hit these five countries the most

The company announced that a total of $ 2.8 billion of crypto money has been stolen since 2011 due to hacking attacks. Crystal Blockchain, which has detected 113 different hacking cases so far, announced that the biggest attack was the attack on Coincheck in 2018. Due to this attack in Japan, the stock market lost $ 535 million worth of NEM coins at the price of that period.

It has been announced that the stock exchanges most affected by these attacks are based in the United States, United Kingdom, China, South Korea and Japan. Crystal Blockchain product director Kyrylo Chykhradze told CoinDesk that these attacks were largely due to inadequate security measures.

Chykhradze, who gave some advice to exchanges about hacking attacks; respectively, to take out insurance, to establish a special security team, to use advanced analysis software, to keep reserves equal to the amount of crypto money held in the exchange. Chykhradze also gave the message that these attacks will increase with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.


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