7.1 magnitude earthquake in Japan!


Last minute earthquake announcement came from Japan. Small fluctuations continue to occur after the earthquake on the shores of Fukushima. The earthquake was felt in many cities, including the capital Tokyo.

The magnitude of the earthquake was announced as 7.1. After the earthquake that occurred in Fukushima in 2011, there was a nuclear disaster in the region.

7.1 magnitude earthquake in Japan’s Fukişima province

According to the statement made by the Japan Meteorology Agency; It was recorded at 23.08 local time off Fukushima, 60 kilometers below ground. In another statement, it was announced that no tsunami warning would be given.

How did the nuclear disaster in 2011 happen?

Nuclear disaster occurred in Fukushima after the Tōhoku earthquake in Japan in 2011. Due to the tsunami that followed the earthquake, the reactors at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima started leaking radioactive material into the atmosphere. The magnitude of the earthquake that occurred in 2011 was measured as 9.0.


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