6ix9ine on trial: the judge sends him back to prison!


The 6ix9ine case undergoes an unexpected new twist. Despite his cooperation, he will remain in prison for a long time.

Despite fairly passable behavior and a confession, 6ix9ine is not yet out of prison. After a year behind bars, the rapper seems doc should stay there for a while.

Nine gang member Trey Gangsta Blood, 6ix9ine was arrested more than a year ago. On various charges, he faced a sentence of up to 37 years in prison. To avoid this however, the rapper had put several chances on his side. Much criticized for this decision, he had notably swung the names of certain other members of his gang. An admission that led to death threats from the gang in question.

Thanks to this confession, 6ix9ine could therefore hope for a lighter sentence. After more than a year in prison, he could have left if the judge had been lenient. But its sanction is quite different. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison then 5 years of supervised freedom. He also received 300 hours of community service and a $ 35,000 fine. A punishment that appears as a lesser evil for the rapper. In any case for the moment.

However 6ix9ine tried everything during the trial. He notably mentioned a new belief that changed his life. “I know God has a better plan for me. I want to inspire young people, to show them that it is not too late to change. If I can change, then so can they. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, lost my father to violence. I grew up without being guided. ”

A difficult childhood which would have carried him to crime. An anecdote which seems to have reached the judge. His sentencing to two years in prison is good news as he would be up to 37 years old.

Not sure his gang will welcome this when he goes out. Case to follow…


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