6ix9ine returns to Instagram and wins 700,000 followers


Mocked for long weeks, 6ix9ine seems to have regained popularity. On Instagram, he jumped 700,000 subscribers!

For the past few days, 6ix9ine has been a free man again. From return on Instagram , the Brooklyn rapper then won over 700 thousand subscribers.

This Tuesday April 7 marks the end of a 3rd week of confinement . However, the end of the tunnel still seems far ahead of us.

We have to believe that the Covid-19 gives us no gifts. Around the world, the virus is spreading and continues to claim lives.

You will understand, the best way to fight is to stay at home. So, on the other side of the Atlantic, the observation is the same.

For health reasons, 6ix9ine then left the Brooklyn prison in which he was imprisoned.

Asthmatic, the rapper is considered more vulnerable and will therefore finish serving his sentence at home .


Sentenced for drug trafficking, possession of weapons and racketeering, 6ix9ine is now free. Thus, the interpreter of Gummo made a noticed return on social networks .

On Instagram, he then gained more than 700,000 subscribers since his release from prison. Just that !

However, 6ix9ine has for a long time been the laughing stock of Internet users . The rapper was at the heart of the news and took it for his rank.

Indeed, many internet users did not appreciate his famous collaboration with the authorities .

If 6ix9ine is already free, it is largely because it has swapped the names of several gang members .

However, this act of “betrayal” seems far behind him. The rapper from Brooklyn is back and intends to mark the occasion.

Besides, he is already preparing 2 new albums . Case to follow!


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